Triple Boot between Zorin, Manjaro and Windows

So, I run a Manjaro+Windows Dual Boot that already exists, how would I go about installing Zorin OS on top of both of them without destroying anything?

From Zorin Ubiquity installer, you can choose ā€œInstall Zorin OS Alongsideā€¦ā€ which will give a default resizing of partition.

OK thanks, is there anything else i need to manually do or know?

You can choose ā€œSomething elseā€ instead of ā€œinstalling alongsideā€ if you prefer more direct control over the partition sizes.
As you have Manjaro already, I assume you already know to ensure Secure Boot is off in UEFI and Fast Boot is disabled from Windows Control Panel.

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Ok thanks, i already do know that.