Truth regarding office suites

The big problem about office suites on Linux, is that they'll never be like Microsoft Office.
My example, I'm trying to do a presentation, and office(even the online version) has a DESIGNER mode where the AI does the layout of the presentation.
Google slides has this thing too, it's called EXPLORE.
But I cannot find something like that for linux, and open source. Any thoughts?

USE WINDOWS your happy with it

Windows, never. Btw don't get angry, if i did something wrong, please tell me, I'll correct myself

I'm not mad... if you like M$ use it. Using other programs take getting use to and applying there ways to solve your usage. Plenty of options are availability to accomplish your task. Not everything is designed like M$ .. you need to learn just like you did with with office. Take the time to learn as you did before


Ok, if you say so...
Thanks for the lesson, you're a very wise man/woman

I think this thread title could be clarified, @Nicolaco_08 , as the title implies a deeper meaning... That may be leading the reader to a conclusion.

Perhaps it would be helpful if a member posted how to achieve the same results on Linux as one would with the MS Office suite. That could be more productive.

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I don’t know That I am wise but I’ve taken the time to learn here is some alternatives

  1. LibreOffice. LibreOffice is easily the most popular alternative to MS Office for Linux in 2020. ...
  2. WPS Office. ...
  3. Apache OpenOffice. ...
  4. ONLYOFFICE. ...
  5. SoftMaker FreeOffice.

An how-to regarding what?
Title corrected...sorry

WPS Office is more or less a clone of Microsoft Office 365.

LibreOffice has tons of options as well as a lot of plugins.

Not really sure what it is you're asking but a simple google search resulted in tons of info on design mode.

Just like you didn't just fire up MS Office the first time and know how everything works, you're going to have to do the same with either LibreOffice or one of the other available office applications. Things may not be necessarily called the same thing or you may have to add in a plugin to get what it is you want to do.

If you can't find something to do what you want, then there is no issue is continuing to use MS office.

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Then this is possible any software what working on windows can working on linux just using emulator or something.

Using Wine or another emulator for MS Office isn't that great because it only supports a very old and outdated version. You're better off just throwing it into a virtual machine.

Software that was developed by a company is always going to be a little ahead with features and functionality because many people are working on it, getting paid to make those features. Open source software has less time dedicated to it by less people, unless it's done by an organization surviving on funding (libre), otherwise it's individuals taking the time to emulate an existing software. This slow process does not allow for the software to really get ahead (due to the lack of funds and time). This is why Linux was "behind" for so long.

Learning new software can be time consuming, but is always beneficial. This can improve both your efficiency and ability to learn unfamiliar software. This may lead to your realization that the software does not have similar features, like an auto layout generator (almost requiring AI to recognize and compare the possibilities of acceptable layouts). This does not make the process pointless, but provides the ability to sharpen another set of skills, so you aren't tied to one specific piece of software.

No one should be angry or frustrated with someone because they are familiar with a specific software. The fact that he has migrated to Linux displays an interest in expanding on knowledge and ability (this can be argued, but is not the focus so please debate it elsewhere). Sharing alternatives or a how to perform the same action in order to achieve the same or similar result is more beneficial.

Auto layout or AI assisted layouts are complicated features and may not be integrated in some software (office suites) or certain parts of the software (hence templates). Consider this and how important these features are in your daily use of a computer and whether continuing with Linux is important to you. With that answer you will better be able to either learn how to integrate your software preferences or find alternatives.


I don't know but with my bussines corporation i know product apple are for apple, windows for windows also linux for linux. Then how people want forward things what wrote for microsoft must working on linux. That like sayed a McDonals must to be a BigBurger or something another example.
I know people what are more smart with linux creating with compilation some script or have forums where know how to do that. I also don't understandable why blame for everything linux distribution? Why don't blame a corporation not usuable for another operating system? Linux is for free - people writing thousand codes to trying usable something what not suppouse. I heard many people using linux and some software what not working on linux but on windows many people have created image for virtual machine on ssd external hard disk and when need that then used that with microsoft windows. This is most popular and best solution what i can sayed.

I just Office in a virtual machine, it works fine and you get the latest version.

I believe wine is only able to handle Office 2016, way out of date.

Yes, MS should release a Linux version but chances are they won't. But I still hold out hope they will.

I don't get the let's blame linux or distro for everything under the sun either. Look how many people blame Zorin for software they had no parts in. Do they do this behavior on Windows? Nope.

So I can clone 1:1 win? Then copy on external hard disk and open in vm on linux? Have we got some tutorial if someone could be a kind to put here. I can test that but what I know working something in vm need a good pc.

No, you need to install virtual box on your machine then install Windows on it. You'll need a Win 10 iso to do so. You'll also need to activate a new instance of Windows.

Now, once you do this, you can make a copy of it, export it and then import it into another virtual box on another machine and everything will be there.

Not interesting that when vm cannot support my hardware. It working if you want using something software or app are simple. I have some aknowledge this is possible. I am not interesting software win10 because I bought Zorin. I don't seeing a sense that.

no, bourne, every vm will support your hardware...