Trying installing 17 lite - not working

I tried yesterday installation Zorin 17 Lite
Everyone saying 17 Lite working on a old PC.
I downloaded a ISO created with Balena Etcher.
Then on Live USB i connected and starting and seeing boot menu live Zorin Lite standalone and safe graphic.
I choice first i get a black screen.
I choice a second also black screen. I am waiting a couple minutes.
The pc was
The monitor was this model
Well i don't have no ideas.
Connected with a VGA cable.

That was short experiences with Zorin 17.1 Lite

I thought there was no Zorin 17.1 Lite (Xfce)? I know 16.3 is still being maintained but wasn’t the latest news about Zorin that they discontinued the Life Xfce version?

They will support to the 2029 XFCE with version Zorin 17 and 18.
Then will quit.

That does not sound right.

The main Ubuntu LTS distribution gets 5 years of support. If you have “Pro” account with Ubuntu, you can get live patches updates and 10 years of support. That is for Ubuntu-proper…the main flagship. Derivatives like Zorin, to my knowledge, cannot get live patches nor the 10 years of updates. Not even official Ubuntu flavors get 5 years - they get only 3 years of support.

Ubuntu derivatives like Zorin and Mint, somehow get 5 years of support. All of this based on the original Ubuntu LTS base.

Zorin 17 is good for 5 years from the Ubuntu 22.04 LTS release. Ubuntu 22.04 was released in April 2022 and it is good for 5 years which is April 2027. It’s not 5 years from the Zorin release.

it seems the developers of Zorin not concerned or care about Zorin lite 17, they didn't announce it in the right way, they didn't put it in beta first, they didn't do any action when they know it not work well with the users. zorin without zorin lite will make it not in top distro.
there are distro with gnome desktop better than zorin, like pop os.

Yeah that I wondering if Zorin 17 is support from now to 2027.
Then more version released in short time isn't cost more me to support developers every three years?
Apple propably doing the same released a new version example now Sonoma, Monterey still supported but BigSur was a short time.
I am in Zorin confuse because I don't know if they also quit from project arm or they just want quit from not support old pc?
In my mind if they will support only the newest hardware what will be on the market, then how much diffrent ZorinGroup from Windows or MacOS?
If I would like still support in the future ZorinGroup?
It gived for me a question this distribution still suit for me if the XFCE4 will be not exist?
Everyone know here i am not a fanboy Gnome.
How Zorin distribution want be better from another similar ubuntu distribution or staying on place "distrowatch"?
Kodak company also was good company before bancruptcy.
That why brothers decided not support XFCE4 because it is old technology.
Here nvidia and amd will going with arm processors.

So in this point I still I don't know where I am and what will be in future.
If the technology arm is near us the door.
You know what doing silence with some projects when customers to long waiting?
uncertainty, fear, doubt, no waiting to wait in this business where money counts, not freedom and human choice.

To @C141ZorinOS und @Bourne:

The Support goes to 2029 because xfce on Zorin is now on Zorin 17 AND on Zorin 18, too. Zorin 17 in based on Ubuntu 22 and is supported until 2027. But Zorin 18 will be based on Ubuntu 24 - the upcoming Ubuntu. And that is supported until 2029.

@Ponce-De-Leon Yes it nice it will be exist.
How it help me with black screen - nothing.
I understable it coming out and it will be exist to 2029 but this is not working OOB.
The end customer who would like first testing lite then propably buying a Pro.
When product not working on hardware what I linked then I cannot acceptable support something what not working.

There is no Zorin 18 now (and for a few years guessing late 2025 or early 2026) so why mention a version that is years away and not even developed?

Furthermore, there is no Zorin 17.1 Lite per my understanding as of today. ZOS 16.3 Lite is good for another 12 months.

ZOS Core/Pro/Education 17.1 (GNOME) are based on Ubuntu 22.04 which is good for 5 years or April 2027.

They announced it on the Explanation Page:
''We commit to making the Lite edition of Zorin OS available in the Zorin OS 17 and Zorin OS 18 release series. That means Zorin OS Lite will continue to be fully supported and maintained until at least June 2029.'' So, Zorin will bring the Zorin Lite Desktop with Zorin 17 and 18 until 2029.

If You want to read the full Comment look here:

EDIT: I get it now I think. Many emotional comments and my misunderstanding made this very hard to follow.


Seems like Zorin is doing the right thing in many ways so I don't understand the over reaction.

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You mean to say that you do not understand the reaction.

Maybe this will help you understand how Lite users are feeling right now.

Sure I get it but nothing will last forever and there are many alternatives that are as good or better. If there were no other alternatives, I would understand the concerns but you have several years with Zorin Lite and there are other choices out there from MX Linux, Solus, Linux Lite, and Mint Xfce. In addition, there is Xubuntu, Voyager, Fedora, and Manjaro all using the Xfce desktop.

What you are saying is, "Do not use Zorin OS, then." And that is a fine and valid suggestion. But it means that Zorin OS users are advised to trek away from Zorin OS or risk an unsupported build.
That is troublesome.

This seems a bit dismissive, to me.
Think of your favorite food. Or favorite anything. It could last, but for some reason, someone else intervenes with a decision and ends it. You might protest. You might not if protesting isn't your thing; but you cannot expect others to not protest just because you do not. Protests provide protection of quality of life, enhancing life experience and affecting necessary change.

You have done little else but protest the fact that others protested the decision. Calling it "drama" and "over reacting."
There really is no reason for you to participate in each thread discussing it with belittling comments to others for not being just like you.

Respectfully, I think you need to stop reading into the comments on a forum.

Generally, a comments here are terse and do not convey all there is to say about that subject.

Now that we know Lite is only around for a few more years, options are available if someone only wants the Xfce desktop.

Not sure why you insist of reading in your own interpretation based on short comments that lack so much context.

None of them provide XFCE in the way Zorin Lite does. You can try and check by yourself.

Of course, those are just some of the options available for people still wanting an Xfce desktop if there is no Zorin Lite.

You are accusing me of reading too much into words like "Over reacting drama" and applying my own interpretation to them?
Who are you trying to kid, here?

@C141ZorinOS, you have jumped into each thread where any user has protested the change in Zorin OS and undermined and belittled them. Full stop. There is no imaginative interpretation of it.

If you are unbothered by the announced change, that is 100% fine. You are not obligated to go into each thread where users who are bothered by it and are posting and claim that they should not be or are just being dramatic. You have been quite consistent with your attitude about it.

We all know full well the context. The context is as plain as day.

If it bothers you, you do not have to read it.
If you wish to participate and give another point of view, you do not need to belittle others to do it. You can convey your ideas without attacking the posters.

Other members have said that they agree with the change. Or that they are not bothered by it or they want to see how it plays out. Others have said it is a good business choice, in their opinion.
Not one of them has been contested for any of that. You are being contested because your choice of wording is to instead, direct terse and easily understood words like "drama" at those who speak up for themselves and their interests.
You are not being treated unfairly.