Trying out Zorin

I'm trying out Zorin (Lite) as a replacement for Linux Mint which was, for a while, a suitable replacement for XP.

I'm keeping some sort of a record of how this goes here.

  1. Taken 30 minutes to get registered on the Forum. Pheewwww - if I did computing for fun that might be a positive UX. But I don't like computing. With emails taking some 8 minutes to arrive it might not be creating a positive UX by making previous registration emails invalid when a new one is requested.

I am having trouble understanding the issue described here.
Is this an issue of Slow Internet?
Confusing Forum layout?
An email server issue?

This is a great way to provide feedback and organize your thoughts as you take your experience in real time.

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Waw, that is long. It was a few seconds for me.


My expectation: Emailed verification links will remain valid for +30 minutes even when I request a new verification link after 10 minutes of not receiving a verification link.
What appears to happen: Requesting a new verification link results in the previous link being invalidated.

  1. Installed Zorin Lite.

Install was smooth as silk.
And I got to leave the computer after clicking a button or three and it did its work without bothering me.
Computing at its best!

+++ positive UX. Congrats to the developers.

(Thinking of experimenting with a blind 87 year old acquaintance who can't turn their ring tone on or off on their smart phone. They may be able to install Zorin Lite. This would be an instance of true Accessibility - which is very different to what too many big IT companies pretend it is.)

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  1. Save button in top right corner obscured by Printer Error box.
    Win XP didn't have Save buttons in the top right corner.
    Zorin Lite does.
    Error message boxes in Zorin Lite can largely obscure the Save button.
    For me this was 15 seconds of looking for the Save button.
    For some users it would be 20 minutes of failing.
    For continuing users the convenience of the Save button placement looks good. Maybe it is worth the steeper learning curve for new users? Or could the error box be moved slightly?

If you open Settings on Zorin OS Lite, then move to Notifications...
Then look to Default position - you can change where those Pops ups appear to prevent obscured views.
You can also change when they disappear.

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Hope you enjoy Zorin, Mint is excellent and Zorin is too.

Looking at getting scanning happening with a Brother MFC, I've just seen this nightmare thread:

I've used Synaptic Package Manager with Mint. I'd been told that it was safe, that everything on it had been checked.
That thread above shows otherwise.
Is there anything other than Brother software on Synaptic that will totally bork a naive user's OS?

Further testing shows that I can use "Document Scanner" to initiate scans from my Zorin Lite.

I installed the drivers for scanning and printing using the Driver Install Tool from

But so far no joy with "WS Scan" from the printer touchscreen to my Zorin Lite computer. Will mess round with the firewall tomorrow.

I believe you need the Sane packages

sudo apt install sane-utils sane

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Hi everyone, I am also trying Zorin OS and so far I love it. Very easy to customize to your preference, kudos!

I am currently using the Mc Muse icons with it, and it's stable so far. I will be getting the Pro version very soon to support the team. Well done.

I'm running it on an iMac

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