Trying to install Zorin OS onto laptop with Ubuntu, once at boot selector screen, selecting USB drive goes directly back to Ubuntu

If the title is confusing, what I'm trying to say is that, with Ubuntu (22.04.3 LTS) on disk (fully downloaded to computer), and with Zorin OS 17 on USB flash drive (adding to computer), once I get to the boot selection screen, there are two options.

ubuntu (TOSHIBA _________)
Linpus Lite (Lexar USB Flash Drive)

The first option is the normal Ubuntu that's already fully downloaded, and the second seems to be the USB flash drive. Problem is, whenever I select to boot the USB flash drive, it goes to the boot screen for Ubuntu. After loading in, Ubuntu opens.

The laptop I'm using is a Lenovo IdeaPad 2in1 14 (with no modifications), secure boot and fast boot are off, using balenaEtcher for the USB, downloading Zorin OS 17 iso file directly from website. Could anyone help?

(also, if i didnt give enough info, please ask for more. im new so i probably didnt even describe this well)

Try it once again, Select the flash drive from the boot menu and if it boot into your Ubuntu then open terminal and enter sudo dmesg

From the output look for these 2 error lines:

This thing happened to me recently, after selecting the flash usb from boot menu it boots into my current installation. From your problem description I'm guessing it the same issue.

Few other things to check:

  • Integrity of the iso
  • USB drive's working condition

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