Unable to install apps from the zorin store

Hello, sorry for disturbing you, but i've got a problem, i have zorin os light 15. And when i install an app from the zorin store, the installation progress gets stuck at 96/97 % and then the installation fails and a message appears saying, for example in the case of mozilla Thunderbird, "unable to install Thunderbird : unable to perform following tasks, without saying which tasks...

I'm stuck. Thanks for your help in advance...

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@Quinten Hi and welcome to the forum.
How did you install ZorinOS 15 Lite? Maybe worth you reading this: Before you install

Have you been able to install any apps from Software store at all since your installation?

How much disk and RAM do you have for ZorinOS?

Is Software Updater setup to point to "Main Server" or a local server. Set to "Main Server" is usually best.

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Can you issue this command in terminal and give me the output?

sudo df -h

I installed it in dual boot on my computer next to Windows 10.
I used a bootable USB disk I made with balena etcher.

Only Libre Office I had uninstalled previously.

I have 4 GB of ram and something around 80 GB of hard drive space for zorin

Sorry I didn't reply earlier. My computer wasn't available because I am in another country than my computer for the moment. I'll come back to you Monday or Tuesday with the result of the terminal. Thanks for offering help !

I'll check software updater when I get back home Tuesday... And then I'll get back to you.

Related issue?

Yes but with my own computer at home... This one is 64bit version and 4 GB of RAM.

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You might try reinstalling the Software Store to see if any corruption within it is creating an issue:

sudo apt install --reinstall gnome-software

If that fails, you can try checking if any personal configurations are interfering. In Home Folder, hit ctrl+h to reveal hidden files and locate .config
Rename it to .config-bkp
Then reboot or log out and in and test Software store. If it works, then you can replace the contained files from within ~/.config with the ones in the backup ~/.config-bkp that do not affect the software store (i.e. trial and error...)

Lastly: You can use Synaptic instead:

sudo apt install synaptic

Thanks I'll try it out when I get back home

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