Unable to Install On Acer Laptop

I try to install the current version of Zorin 64 bit on an Acer Aspire 4315 laptop. It doesn't seem to be installed. The installation process hangs on the early stage, "updates and other software". Can this problem be resolved?

Is there a Currently installed Operating system already on the notebook? Windows or another Linux distro?

You can also see if you have the checkbox marked ON for "Download updates as you install" and check that to OFF and not connect to the net. Run the installer, and after rebooting into the installed system, install the updates with

sudo apt dist-upgrade

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The laptop has a Windows XP. I have the default options: Download updates while installing Zoring OS and Install third party software for ...

Ok, in that case I would try installing without enabling Updates as you install option as above, then.

After Windows 7, Windows introduced "Fast Boot" which locks down the hard drive preventing installation- and that would need to be disabled (This does not apply to Windows XP).

Ok, let me try the option and see how it goes.

It seem hanging again. The cycling icon stops cycling a few minutes after I click continue button.

In that case there may be a bit more going on. Please review the tips in this thread here:

If you are installing alongside of Windows, you may need to partition the drive, then format that partition, first. If you are replacing Windows, then you can just reformat the entire drive.

The spec of your computer?
CPU model? How much RAM does it have?
Disk capacity?

Intel Ceteron Dual-core T 1400
160 GB HDD
14.1" LCD

The RAM seems to be too low.

I think for that amount of memory, you need to install Zorin Lite.
Gnome desktop would be too heavy.

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I forgot to mention that it is the Lite 64-bit version.

I didn't think to ask... Sign of the times, I guess.
1 gig of RAM really is low...

Are you sure it is 64bit?

The Live is running with slow respond. That largely is due to its low RAM.

For 1GB RAM, 32 bit version is better.
It is more economical in memory usage than 64bit version.

Or you can go for a distro which is design to be run on 1GB RAM, such as Raspberry Pi OS for PC.
Puppy Linux is another option but I prefer Raspberry Pi OS myself.

Can the 32-bit version run on a 64-bit version OS?

I have an extra memory for Dell laptop. If it is compatible, I can try to install it on the laptop.

Yes, 32 can run on 64, 64 cannot run on 32.

There is also Antix Linux, which is extremely lightweight.

Yes, of course.

Just watch out for the difference between DDR2 and DDR3.
The notches are quite similar but not the same.
If you jam it, it could harm both RAM and socket.

According to this page:

The machine should be able to take up to 2GB of RAM. Memory type is Dual-channel SODIMM DDR2-533.
If you going to add another 1 GB module, it should have the same speed and socket type.

Since Bus speed is 533 MHz, you cannot get any faster than this speed limit even you could install faster module.

*You could replace it with a DIMM module faster than 533 MHz, but not with a slower module.

After reading a comment by JakeSully, I noticed my mistake and deleted some lines.

I also suggest Bodhi Linux.
It is based on Ubuntu and very light. I used to have it on 1st gen Intel Computestick which has 1 GB RAM only.

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Thanks for the info. I will check out Bodhi.

I don't know whether I can find a memory slot once I open its back cover or not.