Unable to install VLC on USB persistent 16.1

Hi, Zorin 16.1 is running very smooth on my 32gb USB thumb set to c29gb "persistent" memory. Happy with it. However, the built-in video player refuses to play a downloaded MKV shared via Zorin Connect from my Android. It reports H.264 High Profile decoder isn't installed, then a Software search comes up empty. So I tried to install VLC and got the error message you see here, not enough Memory available. Similar/same error for other players. Is this a matter that would likely be fixed if Zorin was fully installed on a HD partition, i.e. it's a thumbdrive problem? I WAS able to install Thunderbird with no problems. I SHOULD have plenty of memory for VLC. Any idea how to fix?
VLC install problem

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Try SMPlayer instead?:


Tried it, same alert. BTW SMPlayer is my fave on Windows.

Hi friend, all I can suggest then is that you are out of space (and time! LOL!)

Tried it again, this time it installed! It's playing the mkv. ELECTRONS!

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SM or VLC?

This means you were likely out of space in Root. If some .cache or apt were purged prior to the next install attempt, it could have gone through.
But likely, this means you still face a very tight space problem.

SMSM installed no problem.

thanks but now SMPLAYER got installed, and working.

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