Unable to install Zorin onto my Desktop PC

Hello Friends, I am unable to install Zorin OS onto my Desktop machine.
My brief Machine Specs:
CPU - AMD Phenom FX-6300,
GPU - Gigabyte RX560 Radeon,
Motherboard - Gigabyte 970A-DS3

Whenever I try to install or TRY for the OS,then after loading sometimes and showing the ZORIN logo it gets stuck and shows these errors onto my screen.
Ultimately fails to run even live-usb,let alone installation.

Please Help me out. :pray:t2:

My guess is your installation is corrupt. Try verifying the download.

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Maybe You need to switch of the VPN modus till installation finished.
Success in Your doings.

I noticed some IOMMU errors in that screenshot:


Yep, see zlib decompression failed. Would definitely download a verified copy from Zorin download page on a different medium. If using DVD (my preferred method), then you want to avoid using the Fast Write speed (true for any distro).

Shall be downloading through Firefox’s own download manager.
Previously downloaded through Google Chrome ,Thunder Download manager a third party extension.

Yes, don’t use ANY Download Accelerator Managers. The sourceforge location is usually robust - if there is any slowness you have the option to try a different server in a different country.

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Agreed. Download managers are notorious. I understand the frustration of waiting on a download… But while a download manager may work well for a grabbing a video… For downloading any distro- grab a cup of coffee, instead.
Using a download manager to download a distro copy is a bit like funneling fine china through a firehose. Something is gonna break.

Hope I did not presume too much and you did mean firehose - edited by moi! :wink:

Thanks. :smiley: I saw that. My fingers were using a Download Manager in communicating with my brain.

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Where to get the MD5sum file of Zorin Education OS?
I downloaded that.
Need to check for consistency.

Go to view the files at Zorin at Sourceforge, click on the ‘i’ in the circle to reveal - you haven’t specified which .iso but they are all there:

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Actually I downloaded Zorin-15.3 OS Education(64-bit) version from Zorin’s own(official) website.
There I could not find any MD5 cheksum file.

Again unable to install.
Now showing squasfs error!!!
What to do? :disappointed: :weary:

That seems to go hand in hand with the above error. Did you change to a different USB?

Changed the usb drive.
Everything properly done. Still showing error as

WHY I AM UNABLE TO RUN THE LIVE INSTALLER??? :rage: :imp: :disappointed:

Is there currently an operating system installed on that drive? If so, what is that OS?
If it is Windows, have you disabled Fast Boot from within the Windows Control Panel?
Have you disabled Secure Boot from Bios?

Also the link above suggests:

Temporary Workarounds

Some users have reported that adding the ide=nodma or acpi=off allowed them to work around this issue (which proved to be bad memory modules). You might want to give that a try

Successful boot was achieved by adding “all_generic_ide” to the grub boot line for the live CD.

You can add those lines to the grub entry, either in the grub.conf file or either entering letter ‘e’ on the grub menu and after editing Control+x to boot:

Add to the grub line:

all_generic_ide pci=nommconf

Add to the kernel line:

ide=nodma acpi=off

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Yes, I do have Windows 10(64-bit) and MX-Linux(64-bit) correctly and successfully installed on separate HDD’s and partitions.
The BIOS is under UEFI mode as do all the installations.
Already Disabled Fast boot and Secure Boot previously while installing MXLinux. No issues or problems there.
But ZORIN is persistently refusing to run as a live media, let alone installation.

Okay trying by modifying the GRUB lines as you mentioned above and let’s see what happens!!!