Unable to login into Zorin OS Lite 15

Hello! I am suddenly unable to login into Zorin Lite, whenever i enter my password it just goes to a black screen for a second then again back to the login screen. The same does not happen with a wrong password.

Also, I'm running it from a USB and there is no harddrive or other storage medium connected. Please help!

I think what you got is so-called "login loop".
This is quite common for NVidia users inclusidng myself after the system update.
If you are indeed using NVidia GPU, there are many sites offering a solution.

Nope, I'm not, im using an Intel GPU. Also, ctlr+alt+f3 does nothing, ctrl+alt+fn+f3 brings up terminal login and that too bugs out

When you say you are running Z15 Lite from USB, does that mean you are trying Zorin using the Live USB to "Try Zorin "?

No, i mean it's installed on an USB

USB memory?
Or USB connected external drive?

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Yes, USB memory. Like I installed Zorin on it.

Since I've never installed Linux on a USB memory, I have no idea how it might affect the booting procedure. I hope other people on this forum would pitch in and help you.

Can you try telling me the procedures that you would do if it was installed on a hard drive? Might work.

Also, can we possibly communicate somewhere else (if its not against the rules or something) like discord?

Please have a look at this installation checklist. Before you install

Make sure you have the basics set correctly e.g. secure boot etc.

Like FP I have no experience of installing ZorinOS on a USB stick and have not seen many on here who have tried that approach.

  1. I think it's ok, since everything worked fine, maybe i deleted something that caused the error?
  2. PC doesn't have Secure Boot
  3. No windows
  4. ^^
  5. Yes it is working fine

Can you try telling me the normal or usual ways? Might work

@zabadabadoo @FrenchPress
Would a video of how it boots/few other things help?

This tutorial is for Mint Linux, but it might help:

Well, never say never :wink:
It seems way more deveoped than you and I have thought.


Screenshots may be of use for us to see what you are seeing.
Also some details of the spec of your machine e.g. CPU, RAM, Graphics may be useful.

I trust you do realise that running ZorinOS from a USB stick will be performance limited by USB throughput.

Oops, I gave a wrong information.
I do have Linux installed on a USB memory. It is MXLinux for Raspberry Pi. It runs faster and is more stable than microSD card in RasPi. But it never occurred to me to install AMD64(x86-64) based system on a USB memory.

Yea, I'll get some screenshots / video in a moment. Along with hw info

Yea, i found zorin through an article like this.

I have been searching the Forum for other instances of Zorin installed on USB stick (not as live USB), but cannot find anything useful I'm afraid.

Just read this line in the site I made a link:

You can now get a 256GB stick with as much storage as your laptop, and it won't cost you much money.

A word of caution.
Watch out for those USB memories (and SD cards) with fake capacity claims. I was burned several times in past. If anyone decides to purchase a large capacity memory, I recommend running a test on it: