Unable to login to Synology Directory Server (Active Directory)

I've been using Zorin OS Pro for 2 years. I am very happy with it.
Now trying to install Zorin OS in an organization. Synology is used as the Active Directory server.

There are several problems:

  1. When installing, you cannot assign a fixed IP address for the LAN port. It would make sense to specify the IP address, gateway, net mask and DNS, as with Windows. There can be multiple DNS servers in an organization. Which one is the right one? Login to Synolgy directory server is not possible.

  2. After installing and using SSSD manually, I joined the domain to the machine. I can see the PC in Synology Directory Server. On the Zorin OS under Terminal I can see that I am in the domain. I can do all this as a local user. I create a new user and map it to the domain. In Zorin-OS login I can select the user. But I can't log in. I have tried with username user@domain.syno (example) - user cannot login. Zorin has an issue with Synology Directory Server.

  3. Username cannot contain a dot(.) (my.name as example). This is possible on Windows and Windows Active Directory.

Synology Directory Server is currently used by multiple Windows 10 Pro machines. So function from the Server is tested. Hardly anything was changed in the configuration of Synology Domain Server or DNS.

I have never used Synology before, but found https://kb.synology.com/DSM/tutorial/How_to_access_files_on_Synology_NAS_with_WebDAV and permissions - How can AD users on Ubuntu client seamlessly access files and folders on Synology DC? - Ask Ubuntu relating to the login and use of AD home directories. Maybe something here will assist you in your endeavor.

You may find this: permissions - Access denied while trying to mount synology NAS to ubuntu 20.04 - Ask Ubuntu helpful as well.

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