Unable to mount HDDs

This is what I feared, which is why I gave you this advice from the get go. I know all too well that Linux doesn't like the NTFS filing system, it never has, as its a Windows filing system, and Windows likes to do things differently.

Just so you know, the Linux filing system is far supperior. It works better, your drive doesn't get completely fragmented apart requiring constant defragging like Windows always causes. And you don't want to be defragging an SSD, or it will be destroyed in short order so ya.

So just do as I instructed in my above post, and you should be good to go.

can I do it in exFAT? I still need to access files from windows, because Fusion360 doesn't run on windows and VM doesn't support enough video ram.

I believe that the Drive Size would prevent this.

EXFAT supports 8TB volumes, so maybe that would work?

Does it? Thanks for the correction. I thought it was much smaller than that. Maybe I was thinking of FAT32.

is it better than NTFS for linux? Are there any other options?

Yes, FAT32 has file limitation of 4GB. This is the reason why EXFAT was created, to modernize the filing system for the new standard.

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Thank you for the info, though it didn't really answer my question. :slight_smile: Though I have to say, this has been the least condescending forum experience ever. Thank you :slight_smile:

Sorry, I thought a guide would be more helpful than a Short Post.
But you can ask specific questions on the details here and see if anyone can help.

no, the guide was great and informative. Though my question was if exFAT is better than NTFS?
I am reading now random posts on the internet, but it seems that NTFS is still more recommended on linux than exFAT due to its journaling functionality.

Thank you so much Enstain, how nice of you to say! The way I look at it is, if you treat us with respect, and you are being real with us, were going to be real with you as well. And when folks come in asking for support, we do the best that we can to provide that support.

NTFS is not recommended on Linux, at all. If you mean a shared partition, then yes, NTFS is fine. Zorin OS should be able to read NTFS out of the box.
As with your case - not always. Something went wrong and not sure what...

yeah. okey. I have tried all methods suggested here and in other places, but no luck. Time to do some formatting. So now I have the tedious task to copy 2TB worth of files over the network to my NAS server, and then back again. I'll let you know if it works after I reformat the drive (by the looks of it - some time this week hopefully :smiley: )

As for support, I hope you'll bare with me as I move from windows to Zorin OS and will have many questions as I format my digital life to a new system :wink:

That is why the forum is here. When I moved from Windows to Zorin OS, I had about 2,786,176 questions.

I wish I knew more that could help you. I think part of the trouble is that when I was on Window, I merely used it once in a while. I learned some nefarious things on Windows, but nothing that is useful anymore.

So when users have Windows questions, I am woefully unqualified, these days to be much help.

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You have no idea how much I respect your willingness to try. As you see Zorin OS as a greater benefit to you, then Windows, and this I respect. I know that 2TB is a lot of data. But if you are running at least a 1GB network connection, that 2TB will go through faster then you realize.

I agree with Aravisian, this is why we are here, to help you. And if you stick around after the issues are solved, we are also a family here at ZorinGroup, and I am happy to have you a part of it. Thank you Enstain for being so stellar! :star2:

I know exactly what that feels like!

I haven't used Windows since Windows7, so Windows 10 inquires, and soon to be Windows11 inquires, I simply am unable to help.

And I haven't used MAC's since 20 years ago, so my knowledge on them is severely out of date, so I am unable to help for those users either.

All I can provide is what little Linux knowledge I have, in hopes that we can help a member come to a resolution that is sufficient.

I'm still on Windows 7... :smiley:

I aint gonna lie, but I really loved Windows7, and really loved WindowsXP that came before it too. I know, how scandalice for a Linux user to say such things. But in all honesty, they really were great operating system. They just worked, the software I had worked on them too, hardware working fine no issues. And there was no spying back then.

But that was before Microsoft changed their business model. I don't support Windows any longer, in all consciousness, I Cannot. BTW, Windows 7 really had pretty glassy titlebars didn't it? Oh the nostalgia. lol

Windows 2000 NT.
I thought Windows XP was good.
Windows Vista = Windows 8 = Highlander 2.
Windows 7 resembled XP in ways.
I only used it a short time. Then I moved to Zorin OS 15.