Unable to mount HDDs

Well it worked. Reformated them as NTFS and everything works. :slight_smile: 12 hours of copying :smiley:

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Hey, I liked Highlander 2...

Any of you guys can help me with folder sharing?

Glad that it worked! Also, keep in mind that the 12-hours it took to copy, there was a time when that took a month to complete.

That is a separate issue that you are talking about and really should be in a separate thread on its own. But your question has already been asked on the forum too, simply put, I recommend watching video guides on Youtube, on how to setup Samba file sharing.

Because thats pretty much how Linux does file sharing, it uses SAMBA, which can be installed, and there are addons for SAMBA as well that can be installed through Synpatic Package Manager. But ultimately, I recommend watching the guides, and get educated.

Just go to Youtube and type in, "how to setup Samba file sharing in linux." You will learn all that you need to know there I believe. And if you still need guidance, you can ask for help here, but in a separate thread.

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I have a partition related question:
The disk that Zorin OS is installed is divided into a few partitions. One of them is NTFS. I just got a message that i am running low on space. Can I just remove the NTFS one and extend one of the other partitions (not sure which one)?

Check using Gparted that that is not your EFI partition. You need that to boot.

How much space is allocated to Zorin OS?
You may need to clean system logs to get rid of the Low On Space warning.

All you see in the screenshot should be allocated to zorin. it's a 120 Gb SSD

Ah, almost 60gigs. @337harvey may be more helpful in helping you to rock that back and forth.
In order to expand a partition into another space, they must be adjacent to eachother. The ext4 partition and the free space (ntfs) are divided by other partitions.

Which install method did you use? I see two fat partitions, are you dual booting and did you install grub to the windows boot manager? Are you deleting windows?

It looks like you could get about 38 gigs from the ntfs partition. Any more than that risks corrupting data. If you are using the one fat partition to boot from (looks like), delete the one without the star (boot attribute). Moving the remaining efi partition may not be possible but we can try.

Before i go into listing the full instructions to do this i would like to have a little more information and what exactly you are attempting.

If you are dual booting, you should check the windows fast boot and hibernation settings outlined in Before you install - #2 by 337harvey and make sure they are disabled.

Hey, well I do have windows in a separate physical disk. They never get recognized by linux (must be something wrong with windows install) so I disconnected the windows drive entirely when installing Zorin and used the Auto option. I dual boot by selecting different boot device from bios. Yesterday I reformated that NTFS partition to ext4 and everything seems to still be working. I have tried to move the boot partition, but got a warning about that and changed my mind.. :slight_smile: What I want to do, is to utilize all the space in my drive for Zorin since having a separate partition in linux doesn't seem to be as convenient as in Windows... Perhaps I should re-install the OS doing manual partitioning if moving partitions would cause some issues down the line?

Moving the system partition wouldn't be an issue. The issue lies in the efi partition used to boot. They normally won't allow you to move them. The other option is to delete both efi partitions, the ntfs partition (after moving your data first of course), creating the 500mb fat32 efi partition in the front. Then shifting the Zorin system partition over to be against it. Followed by extending it the rest of the drive. Use the installer in the live image, in something else method, to reinstall grub to the newly located efi partition, adding the system partition on ext4 without formatting. You will have to reinstall your apps but the configurations are saved in the home folder, so should be set up when you open them.

Let me know if you need a further breakdown.

Important Note: Once you delete the efi partition, it will not boot until you run the installer on the live image. Also, any moves to the system partition have to be done after it's unmounted, so will have to be done in the live image using gparted.

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Harvey, I have since learned that you are our resident expert on partition management. It is my opinion, that you should write up an official detailed manual, or if you'd like to call it tutorial, on how to properly install Zorin OS, using all partitions types available, along side windows, or along side other linux os's, or just the OS by itself.

How to manage the partitions, how to extend, how to reduce, all of that. Cause one thing I've since learned reading your posts, there is even more for me to learn. So if I can get you to come in on Saturday and do that, that would be great.

Sips coffee :coffee: Joke

But seriously though, I would super de duper appreciate a full writeup, and I know other's would as well.

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Hm. sounds like a complicated task. you lost me along the way. i think it will be just easier to reinstall the OS. I've only had it a few days, so not that much in it. So unless it looses my 2 NTFS drives again, it shouldn't be a problem. Can you tell me how to set up the partitions during the install? (like the really simple version, preferably with pictures :D) Before I just used the auto option, and this is where it got me. I can not really understand how or why is the NTFS partition there :smiley:

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Seriously though, i will do my best to fit it in my schedule in the near future (bout a week or less). I will not show ALL file systems because some are outdated, others aren't offered by the installer (exfat). I will include images as possible, but i will not empty a drive for this... if i happen to have one lying around I'll be more than happy to format and use it as an example.

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well I have pieced something together from various posts that looks like this:

50 mb for EFI, 40 gb for root and the rest for /home.

You sir, are truly, without a doubt, amazingly stellar! :star2:

And I have seen your Stapler, Jeff took it, he is using it as a therapy tool, to try to hide the pain of not having Zorin OS LITE. How's he doing with that you ask? I don't know, lets see.

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Not very good apparently.

Your efi should be 500mb, system around 60gb and your home would end up being the rest.

If you hibernate, you'll want a swap partition double your ram (8gb ram, 16gb swap). Otherwise, you're hdd will have 3 partitions.

If you want full instruction you will have to wait for the tutorial.