Unable to remove KDE apps after removing kde plasma

i tried out kde plasma with zorin and it was good but i wanted to remove it because when i switched to gnome,all the kde apps were there and my dumb self decided to do sudo apt install kde-full not knowing that it would install every app that comes witk kde.
i have tried sudo apt-get purge kde-plasma-desktop just like in this post

i did all the things in this post and still some apps are remaining. how do i remove them??

Don't know if using Synaptic Package Manager will help you, ref: Multiple desktop environment installed on Zorin but not able to remove fully

Install synaptic package manager, it is in software. Once installed, launch it (you will be asked to provide your login password to elevate you to root) then click on the column with an 's' at the top, this will bring all installed applications to the top of the list. Carefully go down the list to find the offending applications then right-click on the little green box in the 's' column and select 'Mark for complete removal'. After you have selected all the apps to be removed, click on Apply. Job done.

i will have to try this. will inform you whether it worked

There it would be better to uninstall it with the same Package Name with that You have installed it: sudo apt purge kde-full

i tried this just now. few things were removed but not all

It worked! Thanks.

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But what do i do with the weird looking login screen?

Do You still have the Plasma Login Screen? If yes, open the Terminal and type sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm

if that doesn't work type sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm3

Then You should get a Window for choosing the Login Screen. Choose there gdm3 and when it's done, do a Reboot to control it.


:open_mouth: it worked!


im still a noob to linux

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I am too. I had fortunately found the right Youtube Video's, hahaha!