Unable to revert to main server in software updates

Hi I am unable to rvert to the main server in softwear updates. I can also not do sudo apt-get update -y. I am doing this to install dxvk witch I can’t do.

Please post a screenshot of the terminal output of

sudo apt update

(You do not need to use the -y "yes" argument on the sudo apt update command as there are no additional queries associated with the update call).

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I have done sudo apt update did not work.
Can’t post image of error.

This type of statement is very uninformative.

It gives no details that we can troubleshoot with.

I put a great deal of effort into my posts helping other people solve their problems.

The Least you can do is put in your part of the effort to accurately describe the trouble that you are having. Would you be that vague with a Doctor?

If you cannot post an image for some reason- then copy the terminal output and paste it as text.


While you may not be able to take a screenshot, you have a phone, I'm sure, which is capable of taking pictures.

When troubleshooting a computer malfunction, it is necessary to pass on the errors you see so another may have some idea as to what went wrong. Without having access to your system or your mind, this is all we have to work with.

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Ok looking at your screen photo, it shows that you have added an OpenSuse repository for WINE that relies on the Bionic Repos.
Bionic is Ubuntu 18.04.

Zorin OS 16 is using the Focal Repos. Focal is Ubuntu 20.04.

You can launch Software & Updates from the app menu. Then move to the Other Software tab.
Scroll through the list and click on the OpenSuse Wine repository and then click on the Remove button at the bottom. That should remove the broken repository.

I also can see a Debian Wine repo and an Eoan Wine repo listed. Eoan is Ubuntu 19.10.

So - I advise you remove Each and Every WINE repository that you have added.

Once all Wine repos are removed, close out Software & Updates. Open a terminal and test sudo apt update and see if everything runs normally.

The problem is when I go into the software and updates I can’t remove the wine repositories

What is preventing you? Is the remove button grayed out or not present?
Can you be more specific than "I can't"?

When i go to try and select the open sus wine repository’s to get rid of. I then click on revert and it doesn’t allow me to and just re selected the wine repositories.

Sorry if this is unclear I am writing this from my break at school and don’t have my computer with me at the moment.

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In terminal, run

sudo -i

Enter your password. This will elevate your terminal to root.
Now, launch Nautilus elevated as root with:


That is the file manager. On the left side, click "Other locations." Now in the right pane, click "Computer."
This will take you to the Root Directory. From here, you can navigate to the etc directory, then the apt directory, next is sources.list.d directory.
The path is /etc/apt/sources.list.d
Look at the files in that directory and right click and delete any that are for WINE.
Do not worry if you still want WINE, we can walk through installing it later. FOr now, remove All WINE sources.
Once they are all removed, close that Nautilus window and that terminal you elevated to root.

Open new terminal and test sudo apt update

I will try this when I get home!

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None of them are wine

Actually whent into software and updates working know.

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I take it this means you have removed all entries for WINE and have been able to successfully run sudo apt update?

Yes i do mean that

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I have separated out the DXVK Installation as it is a different issue.

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