Unable to select Nvidia driver

Hey i just re-installed Zorin os and the nvidia drivers where installed already but instead of using those Zorin is using a manually installed driver and cant select the nvidia.
Cant change the resolution or anything

I already have installed another instance of Zorin but today could not boot into it, a white screen with the text of contacting a system administrator appears. I did enter into recovery mode and followed the steps indicated by an user but still have the same problem.
Sorry English is my second language!
Any help would be greatly appreciated

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
If you have more than one problem it is better to create a thread for each issue.

I would address the Nvidia driver issue first.
Could you try this command in terminal?

sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall && sudo reboot

If this does not solve your issue, here's a member written tutorial regarding how to manually install Nvidia drivers:

There are 2 different methods.
The original tutorial by @Michel will give you the latest driver while @boldos method will give you a driver from PPA.

I changed the title of this thread for clarification


@Alxacha, keep in mind you need this driver 340.108. Your gpu is old, nvidia dropped support for it in 2019.

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