Nvidia Driver Selection is not active

Additional driver section on my Asus K53SV is not active.

I've installed Zorin with Nvidia (modern drivers) option selected. I am not sure my 540m still counts as modern.

lshw -c display

And NVidia X Server Settings is blank.

I will try this and this.

My BIOS doesn't have "Secure Boot" option. Can there be different name for old Asus laptops?

Do you have any other suggestion?

It's an "old" nvidia card you have. You have to rely on the open source driver that Zorin uses as default for your card. If you're not a gamer this should not be a problem.

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I need to use DaVinci Resolve, which requires proper video driver when starting.

In that case you might want to try installing the driver manually. Go to nvidia page and find the latest driver your card is supported by and follow this guide;

Unfortunately it stuck in the boot screen.

Can 5.11 kernel have some problems with NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-390.144 driver?

Try to downgrade the kernel to 5.8 or 5.4 and see if that resolves it. Normally 390 driver should work with 5.11

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I messed up and reinstalled Zorin with the default option (Not modern card or safe graphics) and it just works.

Now, Nvidia X Settings is ok. I still can't select driver in the additional driver settings.Screenshot from 2021-12-01 22-30-34

And software updater shows "unused kernel updates to be removed." in the first run.

After reboot X Server still works. I am not sure what is removed. I will try DaVinci.

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There are a lot of alternatives in Linux that will do everything that Blackmagic 's free linux version does including much more then the paid version does and cost nothing. Blackmagic products have issues even in M$.

I speak from experience. What is it that you need that is exclusive to that software ? (i.e. video editing, color grading, audio post, and video effects to help editors, or sound assist ) KDElive which is probably the best or Blender which is included in Zorin 16 Pro. (Many a Hollywood movie has been made with it)

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You can easily install them in Core as well @Software.
In fact, there is no app which is exclusive to Pro.

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I will start to edit my videos and DaVinci seems promising. I need to have some kind of color correction. I've installed DaVinci but it just doesn't fit my screen (1366x768) I can only see the half of the interface only. So most probably I will try Kdenlive.

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The NVIDIA 390 Driver Is Playing Nicely With Linux 4.15 Kernel


It will also on 5.11

Maybe he find there instruction how to properly install this drivers.

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Did you manually install the nvidia driver ? Did you start/run the nvidia x server. No white screen ?

I didn't do anything manually. It just worked when I selected the first option.


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