Unable to upgrade my 16.3 Pro

I have updated my 16.3 pro every day since the news of update to 17 pro and have notices update has been updated. But I do not succeed obtaining this. In the first picture my key is accepted, going further just stops everything.

thanks, I will try again - first a couple of reboots

After 3 boots I give up for now, maybe it is too many users doing the same.
I have 2 pc's, one old laptop and one new desktop - both running 16.3.

No, it really does not work - how big is the discount? Or will it be better just give up this annoying troublesome update and go strait to clean setup of 17?

Ok, so I completed the last step, download and re-install 16.3 pro.
Update to 17 was a success?
Of course not, this update is just a mess and seriously time consuming.
I hope anyone in Zorin do something about this...
Although I do not care - Zorin 17 Pro just have to be worth it

I have a lot more experience with the Ubuntu Do-Release-Upgrade.

And my experience was that a fresh install was the better way to go.
The Direct Upgrade took a very long time to perform. I needed to sit at the computer for those hours to be available to click on a selection when it asked. And on some occasions, it broke things and there is no going back... You just have to try to fix it after.

In some cases where a user has had a tricky or time consuming configuration and installation process, I can see the appeal of a Direct Upgrade. Other than that, though, a fresh install seems the better way to go.

I had a lot of qualms about the idea of Zorin OS offering a Direct Upgrade. But, in my experience, the ZorinGroup has a talent for being able to produce and exceed expectations. Some user accounts describe a fast and painless process.
Others describe a nightmare that reminds me of my experiences on Ubuntu.

I downloaded a 17 pro licence, a clean installation took 30 minutes on my laptop. Started the pc and entered the licence in the update. 30 minutes later the pc was up and running as well.
That is the way.

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