Undetect deepin Icons pack

I am trying install the Deepin icons pack on Zorin but the Zorin appearance dosn't detect Deepn's ... I tried several packs. but other Icons packs are fine.

e.g: Deepin Icons Collection - Gnome-look.org

The Icon set is nested into a Master Folder. You must extract the icon set master, then copy the Icon Set Folder itself from that extracted directory and put it into your icons directory.
You can easily tell which folder - it is the one that contains index.theme file.


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I didn't download it from GitHub, I guess you got it from there, the latest version directly from Gnome Look, has no nested folders. I know that nested folders won't work.

I downloaded and extracted files:

Is this how yours look like?

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Yep of course.

P.S: I placed this folder in the shared folder too.

Deepin icon set is here:

and other functioning icon sets are also here:
~/.icon/{whatever working}/

Yet only Deepin icons are not detected.
It is indeed strange.


Exactly! It's not important to use Bloom icons pack, it is strange that I download every kind of Deepin package by any author, it didn't work for me. And I know what I did... Is it Okay for you?

I checked the compatibility:
Compatible with GNOME 40
Compatible with GNOME 3.38
Compatible with GNOME 3.36

I confirmed that Zorin 16 has GNOME 3.38.4.
Sorry I am at my wits end.

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Don't know if this will help but a additional package seems to be needed

Linux Deepin Themes And Icons For Ubuntu/Linux Mint/Other Ubuntu Derivatives

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I tried to download github.com version,
but the site seems to be down :frowning:

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It's Okay, don't worry, no problem

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I might try again later.

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Thank you, @Bubby But I don't want to install DDE, I just wanted to change the Icon pack, it's so simple.
I did it before with Pop_OS 20.04. Maybe I should install Gnome Tweak and test it.
Anyway, thank you guys.


The index.theme in the icon pack is incorrectly labeled "Papirus".

I just opened index.theme, changed the name to Deepin and saved the file.
Now Deepin shows up in the Icon theme chooser.


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I sometimes use TunnelBear.
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Oops! I didn't check it, BUT there are two problems remaining, one still not shows on Zorin Appearance, But it's Okay with Gnome Tweak, It works fine. And I had issue with other packages named Deepin or Gloom. Anyway, it's not matter now

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