Unifying receive, Logitech

I have a Logitech Keyboard with a receiver in one port, and just added a logitech wireless mouse with a reliever in the other port. In my software center I have a new update that came up:

When i try to update this the whole system hangs adn it will not let me reboot or anything it simply freezes. Terminal reboot command says firmware update is in progress you cannot reboot.

I did download Solaar to see what is there and this is what that shows:


Any ideas on how to fix this problem?

Thank you all overtime i have come here you have been able to help me. You all have been a true resource.



Does it work without this driver?

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@Storm Do you mean the unifying receiver? I think it did but not too well. I installed it to fix a previous problem i had with the mouse. The mouse was being sluggish or not recognized on first boot up or after a suspend. Now it seems i cannot update it.


Try different USB ports as the receiver is rather sensitive if it's an USB 2.0,3.0 or 3.1.
I have both Logitech keyboard and mouse working perfectly without installing extra. I just moved the recievers to the right USB ports.

@Storm, Ok Moved the receiver will keep an eye on it for a couple days, but how would i Uninstall the unifying receiver now? I know i can do it with the terminal with rm.. but i cannot seem to find it or where would it be?

After trying another USB port it seems like things are working much better. But now I have th problem of getting the unifying receiver off of my system. Does anyone have any hints on how to do that?



Can you elaborate what you mean?

Are you referring to the "Device Firmware, Unifying Receiver" Update shown in your OP?

@zabadabadoo and @Storm,

I moved the USB Receiver to a different port and it is working much better now. The problem I have now is this keeps wanting to update. When I hit update it locks the system and says "cannot be used while firmware update is in progress

I can wait it out but it seems like the whole system is locked and not doing anything. How to I remove it?

Maybe it's part of:

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