Unknown file system

Zorin don't see a hard disk

What if I have information my SSD hard disk have a fail sectors. It can be problem to correct working any operative system linux or another distributions operating systems? I have this information on Linux Zorin
Drive is OK but has 131,072 bad sectors (40 ° C / 104 ° F)

a yes windows linux i heard about this operative system. @FrenchPress I have problem with hard disk. My Zorin see them but data files what are they are "unknown" you can move this topic to the another place. Please

I just did and merged it to your related thread.

LDM seems to be the logical partition of Windows.
Since I've never used LDM, I have no idea how it works in Linux.
Hopefully someone can pitch in to help you.

@Aravisian, @Storm, @anon37206250 @marko94
Do you have any idea what this unknown file system is all about?

LDM is Logical Disk Management or Logical Disk Manager...

It is also a big part of why you do not need to defrag Linux.

The parts that are not not-ok are ok. :smiley:
I think that drive is on the way out...

I remember it never was problem see a hard disk windows in any Linux distribution.


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So any idea if i can repair without data lost?
Here is something but idk if this software can use in Zorin.

Since you have so many bad sectors, there is no way to repair it.
You could use software to "mask" it but it does not repair anything. If you have any important data on it, the only thing I can recommend it to replace disk with a new one.

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Agreed. That disk is on its last legs. It's not just that there are bad sectors - something is obviously causing bad sectors to be made.

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One partition is recovery under 1Tb but another is bigger and cannot back.

Ok also back this big partition. One what was weird why on this partition created some linux ext4 files if I never installing any linux on them.

I remember this hard disk was inside a server NAS synology but I remember before that hard disk was formatted.

Which uses Linux =Ext4

Depending on how you formatted, some partition could remain from NAS OS.

What was is diffrent what i hate in Billy. When OS isn't supported from another corporation you cannot install new things.

There is wrote my system is old and cannot install this i never seen on any Linux distribution. Good choice buying Zorin product.

important data from 8 years. I know one smart guy told me doing a backup.

If it came from a nas (the 100mb partition) it is probably the bootloader from the nas os. Those systems may be proprietary and have obfuscation or encryption to prevent using or modifying the boot partition. Same with the storage partition, that i assume you deleted, that was either efat or nfs formatted.

Since drives have a limited write and read life, and depending on the age of the drive (5+ years is my estimate given the issues) it seems the sectors that are corrupted are being read by the drive and os, but it cannot make out what exists there.

Bottom line is that drive will fail to boot within the next few months, may even be inaccessible as a slave. Backup what you can now and look to purchasing a new one to replace it.

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