Unminimise windows from the dock doesn't work (used to work with v16 Pro and also worked after upgraded to v17 Pro)

I used to be able to unminimise/unminimize/un-minimise minimized/minimised windows from the dock on Zorin OS 16 Pro and also when I ran the upgrade to Zorin OS 17 Pro.

But after accidentally deleting my .config folder and this being replaced by the OS with default settings, this no longer works :cry:

I don't recall having to do any special settings originally.

Here is a video of what happens.

Because this has worked before, I know it can be made to work again. Which will bring me back to the wonderful polished world of Linux on a touchscreen which Zorin excels at, as opposed to other shoddy half-baked self-excusing distros.

Because this has worked before, the only thing I can do right now is to reinstall ZorinOS 16 Pro observed it working there and then upgrade to Zorin OS 17 Pro, where it also had worked and then backup my .config settings and do a beyond compare diff between them and the default to explain here.

But instead of going through that re-install procedure, I'd prefer some advice that could take me to a solution quicker.

Does this inaction occur both in Wayland and Xorg or both?

[Update: Whilst a different issue, might be a solution from this old askubuntu thread?:

gnome shell - How do I enable 'minimize on click' on Ubuntu dock in 17.10 and later? - Ask Ubuntu ]

When it worked before, I'm fairly sure it worked on xorg, which is what I am currently running.

I believe this is the case with working on xorg, because in the past the only reason why I switched to wayland was to be able to experiment with WayDroid to run Android apps. I switched back to xorg after that experimentation.

I would not want to use wayland because it has bugs:

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The actions on click on taskbar icons can be changed in Taskbar Settings (right-click the taskbar) > Action > change options under Action on Click, you can try changing these.