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UNRESOLVED - Change boot order (dualboot with Windows)

Is this a Spinning HHD or an SSD?
If it is SSD, is it nVME or eMMC?

If it is spinning HDD, does the Boot Order Device have any Jumpers on it?

Aravisian, it is a spinning HHD. WD Part Number # WDBAAU0030HBK-01

I will try to find a mechanical boot order device but on the motherboard this drive is the first in the list for the system to look at when starting. I will look hard on the MB to see if there are any jumpers or dip switches.

TY for your suggestions, Pridanc

The jumper would be on the HDD, not the MB.

Folks, I've been here under dual boot hardware as I thought my issue was hardware. Long story short I've removed all HD's except the one that I have just installed Zorin on.

This time, I let the Zorin Install do its own thing without any manual partioning by me and it sure seemed to go smoothly. Once done I was told to reboot and did as well as removed the USB installation stick.

The computer came back with a "Reboot and select proper boot device". Hmm. I then went to the BIOS utility to tell it that I wanted the computer to start from my the new Zorin installation. Each time the computer comes back with the same words, yet, when I put the Installation USB stick back in I can get the computer to start from it in Zorin.

What is missing from the HD that keeps it from booting? Remember this is now the only HD on my computer.

I appreciate everyone's help on this. Sincerely, Pridanc

I wonder if you have not got a boot loader in place on your Zorin HD.
Can you run Gparted from the Zorin USB and check the partitions and boot loader flag that have been set up on that latest install.

Zaba, I will do that but what am I looking for? PLEASE understand I'm not computer savvy but can happily poke around with guidance.

Again, let me know what to look for or tell me to snag a snap shot after running Gparted to share with you.

All the best and Thanks! Pridanc

I merged the 3 posts from your new thread into this one.
As I understand it, your OP issue is still unresolved and removing the other drives is one of the many steps in this troubleshooting process. Best to keep this process together or it can confuse the ones trying to help you.

Here is a recent post that might help.

Pridanc, in that post he suggests making sure your sata drives are set to AHCI. Since your bios and mine are very close I think you will find that setting in the Advanced settings area.

Maybe this post by @Aravisian on another thread will be of use:

You could also run Gparted from USB and post screenshot/s of your HD partition setup. That would give us something to look at.

Carmar, you are correct and thanks.

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Zaba, here is the screen shot of the 3tb hard drive per your suggestions.

If there are any other thoughts let me know.
I'm going to look at the sata drives and if they are set to AHCI. If not I will set it there and see what happens. If let everyone know if that works or not.
Huge thanks to everyone. Greatly appreciated.
Sincerely, Pridanc

Two observations.

I cannot see any EFI partition on that drive. (But I do now if your system is set up EFI/UEFI)

In Gparted, Can you click on the large 2.73TiB ext4 partition, to expand the view and see how that is made up. Post a screenshot.

No jumpers. Thanks for the thought. I'm starting to guess that this hard drive and my motherboard are not compatible. Next thing I will do is to purchase another SSD and install it. After all said and done, nothing has ever changed the behavior of the computer with this HD. So strange but life moves on right? Anymore thoughts are appreciated but at least I know running Zorin and windows from two different "drives" is indeed possible. In my case it is Zorin from my USB drive and of course Windows via it's own hard drive. See, there is hope! Again, any thoughts are appreciated. Pridanc

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Zaba, as always sorry for the delay but travel always gets in the way.
Here is the screen shot of the ext 4 partition as asked.

Let me know if you see anything and TY.

I don’t understand why there is a play button just above the little gears button. The square button indicates the partition is mounted and the square is the button to unmount it. But the play button indicates the partition is unmounted and the play button needs to be pressed to mount it. Those contradict each other.

Maybe I got it wrong. Wait for someone else to confirm/dispute my observation.

[quote="zabadabadoo, post:64, topic:12382"]
In Gparted, Can you click on the large 2.73TiB ext4 partition, to expand the view and see how that is made up. Post a screenshot.

You have used Disks for your screenshot :disappointed:.
In Gparted can you expand what you have setup within that ext4 partition.

And of course I have NO idea either way.

To remind everyone, this hard drive was created by using the Zorin installation USB. There was no manual partitioning by me.

Still, the computer boots fine using the USB stick, but will not boot using this hard drive even when it is the only hard drive in the computer. (right now, as can be seen, all HD's are back in so I can continue to flounder in Win10, but I have removed all other drives and tried to boot into Zorin using this HD. No luck)

Your partition 2 is not set as bootable, it would have a star and be listed as efi... neither tag is in it. Press the cog and add the boot flag.

I'm not sure what you're attempting in the system partition (3tb) but you can make changes in gparted as zab mentioned. Do not add the boot flag to the system partition... it's not a bootable partition.

337 Harvey, I will give this a shot but I hope everyone remembers that this Hard Drive was set up by the Zorin Install USB all by itself. If partition 2 is not bootable, well then.... :flushed:
Regardless, I'll give it a whirl. TY Pridanc

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