Update failed error after starting laptop

Hey guys , I am having issues with my freshly installed zorin os 17. When ever I switch on my laptop after shuting it down , I get this error poped up :

In Software Updates, Is source set to "Main Server" or a regional server?

From your second screenshot. What information appears when you click "Show Details"?

Show details shows this :

And it's set on server for India

Maybe change server to "Main Server". That is the normal recommendation here on the forum.

See if this thread is of help: "Failed to install important system update error"

Still showing this :

Still showing the same popup at notification and when i click it then it shows ,img attached

What steps did you try?

Did you try this: "Failed to install important system update error" - #14 by Aravisian

Others have also seen on Z17, see: "Failed to install important system update error" - #17 by mckenzm

I will try the 1 St one in which we delete the pending update's database file

I deted the file pending.db file using this command :
sudo rm /var/lib/fwupd/pending.db

And it worked

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