Update failed error with no consequences

After upgrade to Zorin 17.1 (from 16), there is an Failed update notification after startup of the system and user login.

Opening the notification opens the Applications and shows a detailed error:

Dismissing the error notification in the app shows no further errors and eventually new updates are offered and installed successfully in the Applications.

What is causing the initial update error and how could I get rid of it?

This has been a persistent question on the forums, lately...

Thank you. Right, I overlooked:

I was not very clear, sorry. Yes, it is present on the forums, but noone has figured out the root cause or provided a known definite solution at this time. It's had me stumped, at least.
Then, maybe again, my attention may be too divided lately for me to properly focus on it.

Sorry, I had not meant to suggest searching the forum. I had meant it's been pretty persistent. I am sure we would love to know why it has appeared since the upgrade.

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A different error code discovered when users of Fedora upgraded from one version to another:

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