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Hi everyone. I'm fairly new here, just transitioned from Windows and i decided to completely turned to Linux as it fits my usage for basic computing on a fairly decent old laptop.

My question was, is it possible to upgrade later into PRO while on the free version. What happened later when they release Zorin 17, do i still need to repurchase a new ones later?

Thanks in advance.

Hi there, and welcome to the forums!

As far as I know, you cannot upgrade from Core to Pro without re-installing the OS. I would recommend staying on the Core version for now, and if you are happy with it get the Pro version when Zorin 17 is released later this year.

Another option is to purchase Zorin Pro now, for the Zorin 16 release, and see how you like it. The main purpose of this purchase is really to have a few additional desktop layouts and preinstalled programs, and to support the development of Zorin further. Zorin 16 will be supported until 2025 so there's plenty of time to enjoy even still.

Note that each new release of ZorinOS will have to be purchased separately:


Actually yes, you can upgrade from Core to Pro without a full reinstall.
Performing a Direct Upgrade from one version release to the next currently requires a fresh installation.

Upgrading Core to Pro can be done by enabling using your Zorin CD:ROM in the sources (this can easily be done in Software & Updates app) and then installing the Premium Packages.

The Direct Upgrade Path - such as upgrading from Zorin OS 15 to Zorin OS 16 is not yet released (as of March 2023) and therefor requires a Re-Install of the OS.

@zenzen posts good advise in this.

This allows you plenty of time to explore and distrohop.

Zorin OS Pro is not a required purchase. Choosing Zorin OS Pro is something users do in order to fund development. The ZorinGroup develops Zorin OS full-time as their primary source of income. Zorin OS Pro enables the project to be long term, stable and self-sustaining.
Zorin OS Pro does not unlock features that are locked in Zorin OS Core or Lite. There are no locked features in Core or Lite and both editions are fully supported and full-featured. Zorin OS Pro comes with extra software professionally installed but nothing is locked behind any paywalls.


I wasn't entirely sure you could move up to the Pro version, although I knew it had something to do with the repositories, so I thought it would be better to stay on Core and fully install Pro if needed. But that's good to know!

It is wording...I mean...
We really could examine what the word "upgrade" means - and how in popular culture this word has taken on so many different implications.
It is like an amoeba; tentacles spread into everything.

Moving from Zorin OS 16 Lite or Core to Zorin OS 16 Pro is more a sideways transition than upward or downward.
Moving from 16 Core to 16 Pro would still be the same release and the same edition.

Yet, a person could call it an UPgrade because they would be getting more stuff. A failing of our vague definitions, I suppose.

I agree with you. It actually would be better in many cases. It can be done but the end user may need to consider backing up their ~/.config and data. What if the newly installed Pro desktop environment disagrees with an existing user configuration or customization?
It is safe enough to do, I wouldn't advise against it as "too risky."


That's an excellent reasoning... yes, I think I mostly think of "upgrade" as "getting more stuff". This is probably not the best word when it comes to ZorinOS versions, I'll keep this in mind for future reference.

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