Upgrade to Zorin 17 and 17.1: freeze and unexpected logout Installing Zorin OS

This topic was never solved. and I had additional insides less than 3 months after the last remarks.
If you as a burocrate count, how many topics were mentioned, yes you are right.
But I assume that you are interesting in SOLVING as many topics as possible
(=creating more content ZORIN followers, than I am sure you follow me.

Zorin os 17.1 core freezes in random momentsGeneral Help17d - So I installed zorin os some days ago on an hp 255 g8 laptop with amd ryzen 3 and it has been except in some random moments everything on screen just freezes, if there's music playing it will play ...
Ony 17 days ago signels my topi above was not solved, It pops up with many more people. They all require answers. I know it does not look good in your books.
But I am as

  1. User more iinterested to find a solution than
  2. the consultants are and then
  3. the developers are?

I think we are sitting in the same boat, or do you want us all to leave to Mint21.3 or Win10/11?

Please et us find a solution TOGETHER, please!

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I made that linked post

Now after switching to xorg zorin os stopped freezing randomly for a time and I thought it was solved conpletely, but some time after that it froze 2-3 times while transferring some files from an external hdd. (this time it didnt mess the partition like before though)
I think that me updating via the software updater fixed it, but I dont know for how long

We all learning new things in linux because it always changed. Stable packages are removed and putting some unstable. Linux one door but many ideas.
This forum is most friendly.
The folk have many difffrents hardware. Some are very good compatibility with Zorin. Some need drivers what not exist or never writed.
Wayland working on some hardware good but not all.
Xorg still exist and will be in future exchanged propably with era wayland and arm processors.

Today it froze again during a 5gb download, there is no one with the same problem?