!urgent ZorinOS not connecting to ssh

Bruh! Please read this thread properly I already said that I can connect from windows so it's literally shows that my server is ok. and Please now don't ask me the below things I am not a nursery beginner I know and all the below things are valid in my case.

  • Wrong port. Maybe you misread you PuTTY configuration.
  • Locked out of your VPS because of too many failed connection attempts (firewall rules, Fail2ban)
  • Port knocking daemon. Maybe your VPS firewall configuration requires you to send data to certain ports before the SSH ports opens. (not sure if PuTTY is that advanced though).
  • VPN required. Perhaps you could connect to your VPS because it was tunnelled through a VPN connection which was activated on Windows, but not on Ubuntu.
  • IP mismatch. Ensure that you are connecting to the same IP address. The IP address could change if you override it in /etc/hosts (or the Windows equivalent) or have a strange DNS server.
  • Outbound blocking. You have a router that is very restrictive and had to add a rule for the Windows IP address to allow for connecting/forwarding to that SSH port. On your Linux installation, you got a different IP address.

UncleNo.1, I am sure everyone understands how frustrating solving a problem can be.
When users posts about troubles on here, those members that step in to help take those problems on as if they are their own.

The best way to receive help is to allow those helping you to believe that this is a team effort.
Not a master holding a whip.

Try using encouragement instead of anger. Try uplifting others instead of trying to beat them down. If the thread smells bad, helpful members simply won't want to enter it.

This is a community forum and no one here is obligated to set personal time aside to focus on your problems. Appreciation will get a long a way. A lack of it will get you nowhere.


ok I am Sorry for a rude behaviour :cry: :cry:

But I am unable to think what's the problem actually is their any bug in openssh client software that is not fixed from 8years (because of that askubuntu thread) and if windows is able to connect and other os so why not zorinos/linux I mean what's the issue actually and also is it allowed to ping someone like @uncleno.1?

The above command has no effect on Windows or on Server. It strictly deals with the Firewall on Zorin OS. Have you checked this as suggested?

Is SSH enabled?

sudo apt install ssh && sudo systemctl enable --now ssh

You can check the status with:

sudo systemctl status ssh

If still not working, check the config file:

sudo nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config

PermitRootLogin yes

Restart the SSH:

sudo systemctl restart ssh

It is possible you may need to use:

sudo passwd

to re-apply your password at this point.

Beyond this, I must repeat that I know very little about SSH from practice and am not very helpful. The above may get you started and ensure that port 22 is set to allow.

There are 2 different things the one is ssh server for which you all are talking about that I know what it is very properly and I don't need help with it.

I am talking about the 2nd thing that is called SSH Client I want to connect my zorin os to my server I mean I have server and I have to ssh it from my ZorinOs.

I hope now you all understand what I am talking about.

I understand. By default, SSH is not enabled, so must ensure that it is, first.
What is the output of:

sudo systemctl status ssh

Sorry sir but you are not understanding however the another problem begins here now I am unable to ping any host or ip I get this ping: sendmsg: Operation not permitted

We must check that SSH is working and enabled on your system before anything can be done with OpenSSH.
What is the output of

sudo systemctl status ssh

What is the output of

sudo ufw status


The package ufw comes pre-installed on Zorin OS.
Does that terminal output offer to install it?
What happens if you enter:

sudo apt install ufw gufw

It just abort and one more thing I removed iptables yesterday.

Were any configuration files for iptables left behind? Might be a good idea to check ~/.config, ~/.local/share etc.

Is UFW installed? Or was it removed?
What is the output of:

sudo systemctl status ssh


I didn't removed it and I don't know it was installed or not!

IDK how to check can you please tell me?

What is the output of

sudo apt install -y openssh-client

The keyboard shortcut ctrl+h can reveal the directories if you do not see them.
In your home folder, look through /.config and through /.local/share and see if you find any folders named iptables and if so- remove them.


Nothing named ip tables found in both folders

sudo apt install openssh-server


I don't want server so why should I install ?

It is a client-server architecture. OpenSSH-Client is the client package, OpenSSH-server is the server package that listens for client connections.

yes so client is already installed no need of server right?
and btw why ping is not working?