!urgent ZorinOS not connecting to ssh

Ok now please trust me I tried all the available ways on internet and I am 90% sure that this 3 things are issues with zorin os.

  1. You can't ping external ip or host it will show error
    ping: sendmsg: Operation not permitted

  2. You can't traceroute ip or hostname again the same error

  3. Ssh client doesn't works just connection timed out. I am able to connect from windows and now please don't give me all that stuff that you mistyped or that your server don't have port 22 opened I know all that stuff.

So I would like to ping @AZorin and @zorink (Sorry :frowning: If mispinged) for attention on this things.


I'm not sure I understand the "Solution". Since this thread is marked for a Solution, can you please elaborate what the solution was?

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:cry: I also don't know the solution the solution was that it is a issue and maybe zorin team will look into it.
If you want to help me please give me the output of ping zorin.com so that I can confirm that operation not permitted problem happens with everyone not only me.

Ping is working for me. I think that in finding a solution here:

it can get you back on track for his thread.

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If your above Post with Link is also your solution to this thread, you can mark your post as Solution as well.

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I'm not sure I have much to input here. However if it were I, to rule out my desktop setup, I'd set myself up a like desktop inside a VM. Don't install anything extra on your VM desktop. From within your VM desktop, Open a terminal and run ssh [whatever-user]@your-server-ip-address -p [whatever port you're using]

If you can connect without issue, then you can safely say, something with your network stack has got jacked somewhere along the way.

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