Usb descriptor read/64, error -32

These are the error I am facing while booting zorin os lite in my hp pc.
Sometimes boot gets stuck to hp logo.

This error usually occurs when the USB port is drawing too much power. I always recommend that when using Linux over USB stick or Installing - Never plug the USB port into a USB Hub or Powered Hub. Use a built in motherboard USB port.

Hi @Aravisian thanks for replying.
When I rebooted it after unplugging my mouse and keyboard which were connected before through usb the error got resolved.
I am new to linux and using zorin lite as primary os, will you plz explain the error in layman terms also any permanent solution for it ?

Amishra, here is an example of a USB Hub:

The problem and the solution are the same on Linux, Mac or Windows. It is a hardware issue, that can affect any system.
The solution is often to avoid low-cost USB hubs or use USB hubs as little as possible.