USB hub does not work properly

I bought a USB hub that plugs into my USB-C on my laptop, so I can have some extra USB ports, but I have a really strange problem if I connect the hub to my laptop and try to connect a usb stick, it is not recognized, but if I first connect the USB stick to the hub and then connect the hub to the PC, then it is recognized correctly.
So far I have only tried the hub on another windows laptop and it does work correctly, I can plug it in and keep it connected and use it when I need to without having to unplug it every time I plug a new usb stick into it.

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I have had a lot of trouble with USB Hubs on GnuLinux in general. This is not actually a GnuLinux Issue.

The cause is that the manufacturers are highly competitive with many manufacturers vying for sales.
What they do is they flash their hardware with the minimal or cheapest means. This is an important distinction since different hardware will have different driver needs. They often will just load it up with a generic flashing that all hubs (Or other devices like keyboards) get instead of doing more quality work by ensuring the right flashing per device.

The workaround is to research and buy reputable manufacturers products, sadly.

Those inexpensive Amazon supplied hubs are almost always unreliable.

I assumed that would have something to do with it, the thing is that I don't have many options when it comes to decide what to buy, even less with cheap and undemanded productos like this. Any way thanks a lot for your answer

I got a MacBook Air hub off Amazon - was questionable at best if it would work, being listed as "Mac Only". It's like an off brand of an off brand lol.. It does do pretty good, surprised me actually :laughing: I think it was 11 bucks? All aluminum at that! Wouldn't recommend it, and I barely use it..

Anyway - I always suggest installing libusb-dev if it's anything USB related and slow / weird results. Other than that, do you have anything in Settings for Thunderbolt? Maybe something's disabled.. Also, since it's a cheapie :smirk: try flipping the Type-C - I have plenty of cheap cables that one way works with data, the other just charging; it's very baffling lol just a possibility though..

Thank you. It seems that this fixed the issue for me. Now my devices connected to the USB-Hub are working.


This is magic, it works perfectly, thanks.
I hadn't had time over the weekend to do anything, I had already seen this suggestion in another post, I will definitely keep it in mind for my "things to do when installing"


Maybe it would be perfect when the zorin developers install this package as default. so other users doesnt have this usb problems too. zorin advertises as out of the box for beginners. so this would be nice.

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Perhaps you can propose this in the Feedback sub-forum.


@Harry_A, @Sbstn - Awesome!! Glad that got you going :grin: That has definitely saved some of my sanity in the past; especially using off-brand stuff :smirk:

I have been thinking about doing some guides on a few things - libusb-dev for sure one. Some Mac stuff but, I don't have my mApple right now to do it with .. But, I've got plenty of other stuff to work on for now, though!


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