USB Webcam has severe latency issues

I have a Wansview 1080P PC Webcam (Shenzhen Wansview Technology CO., Ltd) and when I use it on Zorin, it is behaves really slow and desyncs from audio. I have to record video for university projects and I am having to use the integrated camera for stability or just switch to the Windows partition. Does anyone know if there's a driver I need to update or if there's some other fix?

A couple of suggestions here you can try: video - Webcam and Cheese: Unbelievably slow - Ask Ubuntu

I tried GUCView as the thread suggested, but it also had this issue with my webcam. It was slow and unstable.

Maybe this will help you:


The first link shows us how to get the camera and Cheese set up, which I have already done. The second one seems to say that you need a supported device in order for it to work with the OS. Is the device I linked to not supported by Zorin? Thanks.

I’d say the question should rather be, does Wansview support Linux?
Given the downloads listed at Shenzhen Wansview Technology CO., Ltd they seem to not support Linux. Zorin is doing its best to run a device whose manufacturer doesn’t support Linux.

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