Use of kernel 6.2 in zorin 17 - security hazard?

Hi, 6.2 no longer receives any security fixes and hasn't for some time. Why is a supported kernel not in use?

Long after the Linux Foundation ends support for various kernels the distribution's that use them continue to receive patches for them for the life cycle of the the distro.

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That is the Canonical team for the Linux kernel that comes down from the Torvalds Linux Kernel Team.
Distros like Zorin OS, Pop_OS etc will patch as necessary and release vetted kernels for their distribution.


See distribution kernels.


Can I upgrade my kernel manually?

Yes, you can. For Zorin OS 17, you can use the Cappelikan Mainline Repository:

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We always ship Zorin OS with the latest version of Ubuntu's HWE kernel (currently 6.2), which is actively supported and tested for stability upstream.

Because Zorin OS 17 is based on an LTS version of Ubuntu (22.04.3), this kernel continues to receive updates and security patches from Canonical even if it's currently listed as EOL on the site. For example, it received a few patches for some CVEs just over a week ago (see here).
You can keep track of the security updates and patches provided by Ubuntu (for the kernel and other patches) on the Ubuntu Security Notices website.

As before, the HWE kernel will continue to get rebased on newer Linux kernel versions every few months. That means Zorin OS users will automatically get access to these kernel upgrades through the normal software updates and point releases (like Zorin OS 16.3 and the upcoming 17.1).
For reference, we're expecting to release Zorin OS 17.1 in the February/March timeframe, which will come with the upgraded kernel 6.5.
The HWE kernel series will continue to receive updates and security patches for the life of the OS, until at least June 2027.



Sorry I am new user but why upgrade to 6.5 while there is already 6.6.x as LTS ?

Thank you

i understand of course but
but I think there are more people involved in an officially released version
kept up to date and under development. That an obsolete version maintained just by a handful of individuals re-enters the upgrade....

edit : or do zorin lite on oldstable kernel and pro on last LTS or last stable kernel

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Canonical is one of the largest companies in the Linux space. It's the company behind Ubuntu, which is likely to be the most used Linux distribution on both servers and desktops. I wouldn't categorize that as a handful of individuals :slight_smile:

I have closed this topic.

  • Artyom Zorin has directly addressed this question.
  • Explanations and links as to the continued kernel support, patching and development were provided.
  • Answers were provided in regards to Zorin OS focus on stability including by the CEO of ZorinGroup.
  • The kernel is secure.

@Aranud, repeating the same claims or questions after all of that means that this thread will just re-hash ad infinitum.