VIDALDI web BROWSER and Anti Virus

Hi All,
I'm a newbe to the forum and Linux OS so I hope someone can help.
I'm thinking of moving from Windows 10/11 OS to Zorin Pro16 very soon.
Can anyone please tell me if Zorin 16 pro will support the VADALDI browser that I have been reading about, also do I need to install Antivirus software in Linux?? Help and advice would be very much appreciated. THANK YOU ALL.


Yes, we have several Vivaldi users and I used to use it, as well. It comes in a fully supported Linux version, no extra configuration necessary.

You really do not. Some people choose to do so (For example, ClamTK and ClamAV)... I personally do not.
There are viruses on Linux For Linux. However, most of security in Linux is handled differently than in Windows making Anti-Virus software superfluous.
The odds of you getting a Linux virus are very slim. And should you get one, deletion of it is usually all that is required to remove it.


Aaahhhh, the simple life of linux.


Welcome to the Forum first and foremost! It's wonderful when we get newcomers..keeps the forum thriving, growing and helps us to gain knowledge from others viewpoints. ZORIN is the present and the FUTURE in Linux OS!! M$ is the past.

I use Vivaldi as my go to browser. Works for my needs everything in one place much like Netscape Navigator was for me back in the day.


Yes. Vivaldi working i tested. How you want using Zorin? Because Zorin is powerfull tool.


I also use Vivaldi here on Zorin 16 Pro and before that for about 4-5 years on Win 10 .... does everything I need include doing all my downloading of stuff from the net .... enjoy .... make sure you do the customizing to make it what you want .... may seem like a lot of choices when you first go into settings but trust me it will be worth it ....

Bookmarks .... just make a copy of them from your other browser in html form or just use the import feature of Vivaldi ... I was coming from Vivaldi to to Vivaldi so I had to use html

Passwords ... If you are coming from Vivaldi it will not let you transfer passwords (users have been complaining about that for years) one time they tried it but then deleted the how to ....

Instead you need to make a copy from Saved Passwords to a folder (so you can find them) and then enter them in manually or you can just open a site and when it asked for your ID and password just enter them .... and choose SAVE .... pain I know but one thing it does is force you to choose which passwords you really need .... you can reinstall them as you need them .... I have only installed about 20 in the past 2 months .... LOL

Not sure about coming from other browsers but I've heard all you have to do is go to the import/export setting and import them that way .... Vivaldi has that setting also but trust me the password import/export will not work ...


Hi Frog,
Thank's so much for that info I will take onboard all you say and see where we go once I move over to Pro16.


Hi Bourne,
Thank's for the reply and your info, it is appreciated and nice to know. You seem very happy with Zorin and Vivaldi.

Yes. I liked when someone put something new things what better working. Example new webbrowser Vivaldi or e-mail proton or spring or whatever.

Why on here all ram are diffrent used space?

Hi Bubby,
Thank you for your message and the welcome it is very much appreciated.
Just to let you know I'm a Gold surfer not Silver (well into senior years). I think you are right re Zorin and M$ I have used all Windows versions and now I think it's time move on DUE to the way M$ is going 'sad'. (Adds, Pop ups, etc., etc.,) The bigest problem for me is getting my OLD head around the terminology used in Linux plus the Apps that go with the OS. A new challenge and learning curve. They say, you are never to old to learn. I'm sure with all of the support and help and advise from users on the forum I will get there. Again many thank's to all who helped with my questions.



Your words I can relate to as I feared the abilities of myself being at my age (I'm in my 60s) as well. But I'm here to tell you that if I CAN do it with Zorin ANYBODY can! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

The interface is so easy to get use to and like you mentioned above, THE FORUM is the BIGGEST PLUS. Our Moderators are "cream of the crop" (a saying most younger won't get) in response and knowledge. In addition to the Tutorials and Guides and New Zorin OS Users Looking For Help sections that have been set in place for us to learn. It's a WIN - WIN .

Enjoy your Zorin experience and thank you for the input and know I'll be looking forward to your sharing your growing knowledge so I can see things from another viewpoint.


First off welcome to the board .... you're gonna like it here bunch of nice friendly folks reside here and I do mean reside as I don't think many of the mods sleep at all .... LOL

Don't feel bad a lot of us are what we (when I lived in Florida US) called blue-hairs .... even made some songs about it .... LOL .... maybe we should start a seniors club .... Zorin for the Aged .... :rofl: ....

Please don't feel bad cause as Bubby said above the moderators and other members are really fantastic on here ..... they have a great deal of patients (they have to dealing with me) but as you get more acquainted and start learning things you will get more confidence especially the terminal but like a good friend you have to learn to trust it ......

I agree with everything you said here .... learning new things when you have been used to doing something else for so many years can be difficult to say the least .... the only thing I found easy to do at my age was retiring .... lol

Where do I sign up? Ahh... hold on not long lines again. OIP (1)

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:rofl: :rofl: .... but at least you guys don't have to wear face shields ..... LOL

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Vivaldi is almost a DE and having watched the browser reviews (I'm leaving Firefox, and this is the browser I picked... - YouTube), I would go for Epiphany Web Browser. I have yet to check out a very useful guide the co-ordinator sent me in how to setup clamtk to check for viruses in email - whilst you may not be affected, clever ones that search for contacts and spread that way is what you need to look out for. When I find the link I will post back.

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"No viruses on Linux" ["You get that a lot from Linux users who don't read very much. Best answer I've seen is this ...

sudo clamscan -r --move=/home/USER/VIRUS/home/USER/

You change the /home/user part for scanning. Such as .../home/user/ cache or ...
/home/user/.mozilla. That's where a lot of the nasty stuff hides.
Scan your mail folder as well. Create a folder in /home/user such as virus."]

What is a DE ????


Desktop Environment.


OK thanks ... I learned a new term today .... LOL