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All those so-called natural remedies are all scams, that is no such thing as a natural remedy for covid-19. You don't want Covid-19, its called, get the vaccine. And if you got Covid-19 already and are trying to get better, then you take whatever the doctor prescribes that is right for you. None of this supposed natural herb garbage.

I am so glad to see that FrenchPress is too smart for the Covid scams. And that supposed TutorialForLinux site, yeah umm, not so much, I put more useful stuff in my sandwich for lunch!


I don't want to get too OT here, but I am more of the persuasion that taking care of one's self (eating properly, getting regular exercise/sleep and going on with a normal lifestyle) can serve to make one 'healthier' both physically/emotionally.

I'm in no ways implying that this works for everyone or that people shouldn't listen to their doctors, but I just don't think that injections are a cure all across the board.

A proper diet, sufficient exercise and a nice, hot cup of green tea can go a long way. :wink:


Since Americans are known as the fattest of any nation, I am going to have to agree on that front, we could all use a little more exercise, and a little less McDonalds. LOL

To be perfectly honest, McDonalds food has gotten so nasty recently, even their nuggets suck now, which was the last great thing that they had left on the menu that was still worth eating, I don't even eat there anymore!

Regarding fast food, I much prefer Dairy Queen. But yes, having a more proper diet, and exercise can go a long way to being healthy. Making sure to take all your vitamins as well, as Vitamin D to boost your immune system.

But at the end of the day, only a vaccine is going to protect you from Covid-19. Well, Aravisian is gonna get us back on topic, or else he will throw us in the dungeon. And their are trolls in the dungeon, so lets not end up there.



I put this in "Chat About Zorin" as we lack a fully fledged "Off Topic" subforum.
I could have put it in the Lounge, but I fear wxboss may have not had access.


I find that it was an odd decision by the Zorins to make the Lounge a level 3 access only forum, nothing about that decision was logical to me. Other forums have an off optic chat that is available to all users. But, that was their decision. If it were mine, I would make it so all users have access.

It may be because the Lounge was intended to be a More Relaxed atmosphere, allowing trusted members to have more uninhibited discussions.
I think a Lounge in combination with an Off Topic Subforum would be a good way to go...


Now that just earned a like! I really do like the idea of having an OFF TOPIC chat as well. Many of us, FrenchPress and I included, find ourselves veering off topic often. It be nice to have an OFF TOPIC chat that was designed for it.

Its not really that fun seeing our posts split off and moved all the time, it often can destroy context, if the original post was not present. Such as my reply to FrenchPress, as her's wasn't moved, it destroys the context that I was replying to.

So, that brings this back to why your post just got a like just now. We need an OFF TOPIC forum, pure and simple. That is all


Exactly, and not just you; Many members have interesting thoughts worthy of further discussion.
Sticking On Topic too fervently is trying and can get Boring.

That thread can be a resource, though, for quickly examining which sites may present a risk. It is one of few that should stay on topic as much as possible.

I considered this; but part of her post addressed the O.P. and part did not. Such situations do get tricky...


Your right, it is tricky. One of the many reasons why I didn't want to be MOD. I don't want to handle the tricky ones, I rather leave that up to the more experienced. :wink:

I agree and disagree.... There are several fake posts about natural remedies that can cure Covid-19. And I have always ignored such messages.
But that does not mean that there are no such remedies that can help/cure diseases.
Ayurveda might seem like a myth but it works. I am saying that because, I have seen it work and have tried it myself. While it may not completely cure you of a disease it will certainly reduce the pain, if taken correctly.
Fact: Yoga is a part of Ayurveda.
Do a little bit of research and you will know the corect ayurvedic medicine to take for a particular disease. Taking a random ayurvedic medicine won't do. Again I am totally on your side. DO NOT BELIEVE SUCH SITES/POSTS! ALWAYS DO A FAIR AMOUNT OF RESEARCH BEFORE TAKING ANYTHING.


I don't know if I will agree here or not. Well, in case of COVID-19, of course vaccine is more important.

In a place where home remedies are always on top, most of the time and I experience this as well, that not everything the doctors recommended for medicine will work. Example, for simple cough and flu. Doctors will recommend medicine, but not all body types are used to that medicine. And sometimes, there are body types that by just doing "the basic" can already have self-cure. Well we have our different immunity cells that fights virus and as long as you strengthen them, they can fight any disease, even cancer cells. Its just when it comes to cancer cells, think of them as an assassin. They are good killers so if your immunity cells isn't that strong they will still die.

Okay, personally, before I have an allergy that can't be cured by any doctor's prescribe medicine. But, after meeting a doctor and said "Just drink more than 8 glasses of water daily, vitamin c 3 times a day, and sleep well." everything went fine. Yeah. That cold that didn't leave me since I was young eventually leave me.

As an Epileptic, there are medicines that didn't work to other Epileptic that work to me.

At the end of the day, its a matter of immune system and right type of medicine for the right type of body.


On this forum, many of us often try to diagnose a computers condition, based on symptoms.
This is often done without the ability to really see what is going on and the many details that factor in.
Most responses to questions are "guesses" not Prescribed remedies.

Being a doctor is much like this. Medicine is treated as something that is expected to have all the answers. The biology of living things is very complex.
And medicinal evaluation is often done based on the most minimal viewing of that complexity.

This effect is further magnified by the Placebo Factor: The confirmation-bias of a patient believing something will work demonstrating a "possible cure." ...In their opinion...
Often, a healthy immune system will take care of something that the patient assumes homeopathy or some other technique did. This is their confirmation-bias.

There are so many people. And only so many doctors. And only a limited number of resources.
The current medicinal approach aims to be able to provide a medication that is feasible to mass-produce. It does not need to be a perfect medication as long as it does reach the largest number of people affordably.

On top of this, there are arrogant doctors out there. Having a bad experience with one can leave you distrusting of doctors as a whole. Remember that we cannot easily differentiate between the doctor who passed his classes with an "A" and one who passed with a "C-". And there are many doctors out there who are fallible and Biased. Holding the degree is not Strong Evidence of true ability. It only means that you managed to get the paper printed with your name on it. Not all doctors can be trusted just because they are a doctor.

That is a lot of water. I mean that is really a lot of water. For any person. The "8 glasses a day" water consumption myth is quite old... and was never based on actual medical advice. Being hydrated is good for the body. You get most of your hydration from the food you eat, actually.

Most prescribed medicines are not even treatments much less cures. They are symptom relief, nothing more.

This thread is teetering on a bit of a dangerous fulcrum.
For this reason, I caution all participants with the following Warning:

When it comes to Matters of Health and Medicine, we may all have opinions - we also already know how much opinions are actually worth.
A difference of opinion may be the difference between Life and Death.
A difference between being healthy or not or even, such as with Covid-19, a difference between being culpable or not.
There are countless examples in history of diseases spreading rampantly due to Human Arrogance in trusting opinion instead of Science.

We can harm other people with opinions on Medicine.

We can devastate a family... with an opinion on Medicine.

Please tread cautiously in this thread and I will not hesitate to lock this one down if it turns ugly.
But most of all, respect not each others opinions, as much as Respect Each Others Lives.


Well, they didn't include water from foods.(Talking about health professionals here) I remember before saying that in 8 glasses, it doesn't include juices, or anything just pure water. Well, to me, water really helps a lot. When I drink less than the 8 glasses, I even constipate for a week, dry skin, etc.


Yes, you may just need a bit more than what is average, like me. I have to drink more than most people, too.
The strange thing is, in my case, at least, it causes a stronger Immune response to have Less Water. My body is reacting under the pressure that "something is wrong" and tries to fight back against the unknown adversary.
This results in symptoms.
Not by weakening my immune system, but rather, by calming it down, it alleviates those symptoms that resemble allergies or cold.


Thank you for that consideration.

It's funny, because since I started perusing this forum on a regular basis I thought it odd that it lacked a lounge or off topic area. Now I know why :wink:.

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There is a Lounge but it is restricted to Level 3 Members and up.
We have all been pressing for an Off-Topic subforum that users can all use.
Hopefully, one will be created in future.

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It is your body type. That's how your body is. Rememeber that our bodies are different (we have different dna and genes right?). In my case, my body just don't response to medicine (except to my Epilepsy meds). Its quite funny actually cause they are branded, known, etc. There is even a time that my asthma worsen after drinking medicine. I thought I will die that time cause my breathing is too hard.

My body is the type like for the types like cold, cough, fever, sleep and water plus eating the right food (not to mention my another thing is doing what makes me happy when I'm sick) helps me get back easily. Same with my father. My mother needs medicine but me and my father starts with the basic. When after 1 week, it didn't solve that's the time we go to see doctors.

(health professional here even said that 1 week limit.)

Again, this is because my body used to, likes that kind of way than starting with medicine early. This might not apply to other people.


Whilst I wouldn't buy the product (only available for US I think) that Dr Gundry has made available, Diet is definitely key - so avoid all foods that have Lectins in like Tomatoes, whole grain bread, pasta and brown rice. For bread eat white sour dough bread. I have stopped drinking Tea and Coffee - I only drink water now and no alcohol for the past 9 years.


I honestly feel that I have enough logical and knowledgeable heads here, to get myself equip enough in Linux. Just taking the time to read thru all the Tutorials & Guides and like @FrenchPress has mentioned trying and learning from mistakes (without using clean all command or something along those lines). So for me to look other places at this point in my knowledge would be silly.


That is why I am advocating Clonezilla/Rescuezilla on this forum.
With a full disk image backup I can restore my system from any disasters.