I don't like background images on my pc. How do I set solid colors as wallpaper in Zorin OS Core?

Unfortunately, GNOME only gives you the option to select a background image.
If you use a search engine, you will find things like this:


Yes, I think this will be a workaround in your opinion, but maybe this can be a solution to your concern.

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Another solution could be to simply use a paint program and create a wallpaper with solid color.

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You can do it with dconf editor. Nick on Linux Experiment on YT tells you how. You can even do a gradient.


Some great information in that video and I downloaded it to digest a bit later even though I watched the whole thing .... just be sure and following his advice on being careful using Dconf Manager ...... you can real mess-up your computer .....

At present I only use DM to turn on the sound of a camera shutter when I take a screenshot using Cinnamon DE ..... you already have that feature I believe in Gnome .....