Want Visual Studio IDE!

Nowadays My 4Th sem has started and .net is our main subject.
and visual Studio ide is not for Linux then I found rider is the best alternative.
but it has no option for desktop application

now, what should I do ?
should I try wine ??

Visual Studio Code is available for Linux.

Also officially available in Snap Store.

its visual studio code
i want visual studio (ide ) for .net

Alright, since you need the IDE, you can try to install it via Wine. And about Rider..it is available in Snap store, if you are willing to use snap that is.

wine says the visual studio is garbage to use in wine

and rider has no option for desktop application

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Microsoft apps are very difficult to install in Linux even with Wine.
And Rider only has an appimage? What's wrong with using an appimage?

rider provides consol building, web app building but can provide windows form or WinForms in Linux so

Visual studio code works good actually.
Rider is a paid application.(Remember that)
Then there is Monodevelop.

I get a rider from my university email so they give me 1 year free as a student
there is also the same problem with MonoDevelop so...

What problem?
By the way you can install it via apt.

sudo apt-get install monodevelop

the problem of not giving the desktop application project building or Winforms

I wouldn't be surprised...because the rely heavily on Windows Components.
Your only option would be to use a Windows Virtual Machine.

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yaa I think it is the only way :slightly_frowning_face:

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1st you need to install .net core then after you install it you need to install the c# ext for vs code . If you do not want to use vs code you can look at Rider: The Cross-Platform .NET IDE from JetBrains . it is a real good ide for .net

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so by this method, i can use a desktop application right?

dude I installed it but didn't changed anything can you tell me how to do step by step

see there is no option for desktop appliction

I have not tried desktop app you may want to ask jetbrains forums How to do it . I just have done the web . But you can look at this . I hope this helps

Firstly i asked there but no reply :confused:

Its for android
I want to make desktop applications (winforms)

Dude this syllabus :woozy_face: