Weird Software UI popup error

new install ... (with a lot of gymnastics to nvidia working - sorta. See Nvidia drivers non-functional for Geforce GTX 1660 for details)

No additional ppa's added at the time of the error.

Can you check this thread, and see if it helps?


no wonder searching for 1.82 produced no results.

synaptic is purely for apt? i normally end up using CLI for that. the software manager is useful to be able to compare sources for the differant software

many thanks for ur help

its clear that its simply a parsing error, the problem is that after parsing it doesnt give any info useful to deal with the problem. knowing that its snap related is good enough till it gets fixed in an update

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Yes, as far as I know Synaptic only works as a GUI frontend for apt. The issue with Software Store is that it pulls information about different formats for the same pacakge e.g., Flatpak, Snap Beta, Snap Stable, Debian, etc. This has been known to cause issues but sometimes they may refer to different packages or version, so it's always worth checking.

If you don't want or need flatpaks and snaps and prefer a graphical interface, then Synaptic is a good choice. Or if you are already comfortable with the command line, even better.

Every time I get a problem with the software store, I always end the task and that usually fixes it, have you tried that?

You can do it by opening the system monitor, finding a task called "gnome-software", clicking on it and then clicking on end task. Then you can open it again and see if the problem went away

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I have two PCs using Zorin. One of the main reasons I like Zorin is their software store incorporating Flatpaks, Snaps, and traditional packages in one place. It makes it easy to find software. I have yet to experience a problem with their software store. It works great.


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