What distribution Linux for old people?

Well i have old man over 70 years and he mostly understable a W7 new version are complicated for him. He saw how many often times I using a Linux and he want trying a some not difficult Linux Distribution.
Simple with not to much complicated. Propably mint is more simple from Zorin.
Have you got more ideas what help him not difficult linux distribution.
He tried Zorin but maybe something more simple without many software and etc.
Propably xfce will be best option - old people don't liked when have something and not working for them this is annoying because they are confuse and mostly don't understand what is going on.

I find this post interesting, because I can paraphrase it with a slight change, and it still makes the same amount of sense:

Well I have young man and he mostly understandable a W7 new version are complicated for him. He saw how many often times I using a Linux and he want trying a some not difficult Linux Distribution.
Probably xfce will be best option -young people don't liked when have something and not working for them this is annoying because they are confuse and mostly don't understand what is going on.

I would actually go with Zorin OS Lite perhaps with Cinnamon Desktop installed.
Linux Mint or MX Linux are also good choices.

Linux Mint may have a better Software Manager than the Gnome-Software used in Zorin OS.

Learning never stops, no matter the age. And what we can do, at least here on this forum, is help users understand the usability and the simplicity of things that appear to be complicated.
I have never come across anything that is too complicated for me to understand. But I have come across many things that are complex that I am too disinterested in to bother trying to learn it.
I think that most people, regardless of age or gender, fall into this category.
It makes sense when you think about it.
Many kids that are pressured into studying topics they have no interest in while in school perform more poorly than they do in topics they enjoy.
And teachers are constantly searching for ways to make math and other topics kids shun more interesting and fun.

I would say; Pick a basic Linux Distro and then demonstrate how interesting it is.
And if they need more technical help: The forum is here.


On Zorin for old people who want not difficult could be complicated if he moved something on another screen and this is "jobb screen" - idk how it correct name. Then he will difficult to finding that also in his language not all is translated in 100%.
You know what i mean something distribution like two button like on machine start button and off button.


Translations always an issue...
I am not sure of any distros that show strong Dutch Language support...

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First also i must check if this is possible installing linux on that pc.
He have a black samsung nvme. PNY graphic Card.
Case looking something that and pc outside near that link i can check in bios what he have.

Yes workspaces.

He tried before Zorin but i seeing Cinnamon is more simple.
First i must check if hardware will be compatible and everything working or if i can installing without problems linux.

Ok. I installed mint but there is some problems in bios also some acpi and nvme on start the cpu is radeon amd ryzen 5 4600G and gpu TU117GLM (Quadro T400 Mobile) problem with installation libc lost and another things then drivers are from linux not original from webside nvidia the last what i found for them was from 2014 but this graphic card have turing version - modern.
So this is some information about that pc.
RAM is 16GB for gpu minimum 8GB
One what i can sayed it is very fast and rocket.

For simple and stable, other than Zorin, I really like LXLE which comes with the LXDE desktop by default. We’re all of different opinions and tastes but I really like this set-up and in my limited experience have never had any hardware or driver issues with this combination.


Yes but on start i have information problem with bios,nvme hard disk also with nvidia. Then this is more some errors.
It working but propably not full functional.

It hasn’t been but a new release came out this summer based on Ubuntu 20.04. But yes, this has been a little sketchy in the past and does make me pause too as I ponder the support for the future. But it’s there presently.

Mint i know have three type installation:
Which one is best to use?

LXDE-GTK3 is currently being maintained.
The original LXDE is no longer maintained.

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I think you mean workspace switcher. I would go with MX-Linux 21.2 (wildflower) xfce (but bear in mind life span is only 2 years between releases), or go with Devuan 3.1.1. The default desktop is xfce.

The most important some websides not working correctly that also using linux for that purpouse. Sometimes it is difficult to changing something for older people like we all know somethings are difficult for them. They are most using pc for some simple games adobe flash player. Webbrowser and that all. Paying billing on webside.

Being an old person myself (70 in a couple weeks), I'd say look first to what he needs to do. My 91 yr old father broke his chromebook last summer, and while waiting to get a replacement borrowed my MacBook pro with Manjaro XFCE running on it. I made the task bar big, took off everything I could except the Chrome Icon, and he never knew the difference. Everything he did on the Chromebook was in the browser. I showed him the power off button, and that was that.


I'm 77 and my biggest problem is my memory ..... I can remember what happened 10-20 years ago but remembering what I had for breakfast makes me stop and think ..... it can get very flustering remembering back to when you absorbed everything like a sponge and your retention level was off the chart .... but not so any more .....

This doesn't mean I can't learn new stuff just that I have to write down things to help me remember and I keep a pad and pen beside me all the time .... didn't used to be that way but hey ..... that's life ....

As we get older a lot of things change and we have to learn and change with them it isn't easy sometimes but we have to try .... don't give up on ol' folks it just takes us a bit longer to get to where we are going ....

I agree with Aravisian ..... Zorin with a Cinnamon DE is the best way to go .... I've been using it for a year now and even though I fowl things up a mite .... well maybe more than a mite .... :smiling_face: .... I always get help from folks here on the board and manage to get back on track ....

The biggest hurdle for ol' folks to over come is the "I can't do it cause I'm old" .... not true it just takes a bit longer and lots and lots of patience .... like learning to do anything you can't learn to do it in a day ..... and don't expect us to do it that way ....


Agreed. And... this is not age restrictive. Young people have the same attitude. And people in the middle.
The problem is not a lack of capability, it is a lack of Confidence.

I have taught calculus to people that said they were unable to learn algebra. Once they built confidence and began to believe in themselves, it made all the difference.

And I also had to stop and think what I had for breakfast...


I read these discussions with interest. I normally don't even consider my age as of importance.
About 3 years ago my brother-in-law (87 years old) found he disliked WIN 10. I offered to install 'Classic Shell' on his PC, but he decided to go with Zorin. I installed Zorin 15 Lite for him, and he used it without problems until he passed away last year. His executor has also coped with Zorin without difficulty.
I am forced to admit I am now 87 myself. I use Zorin 16 Pro Lite without problems, and also have the latest Makulu OS on an old PC looking for ideas for Zorin 17.


Glad to see your reply ..... you give us youngsters hope .... from a 77 year youngster