What games do you play on Linux?

My list ......

Urban Terror 43
Fishing Planet
Metro Last Light
Stardew Valley
Tank Force
The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt
The Pirate: Plague Of The Dead

All of these work flawlessly on Zorin ..... some are stand alone and some played on Steam ..... and all were free .....


Guild Wars 2
Hellish Quart
Super Auto Pets
Jedi: Fallen Order
Dota 2
Yet Another Zombie Survivor
Civilization VI

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NieR Automata, DS very nice


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I used to play a lot of GNU/Linux games when I started out using it. My initial exposure of Knoppix 2.9 was Frozen Bubble which you can play locally or against an opponent on the internet. My children enjoyed Super Tux Kart, Tux Rider (android title, not sure if it was that in GNU/Linux) a game where you are a belly surfing penguin down a ski slope collecting herring!, Super Tux (take off of Super Mario), Maryo (wonder what that was named after?!), and in SuSE Linux days I would play X-labs or X-Lab - where you avoid Zombie skeletons, GL17 Fighter Plane. Fish Fillets, XMoto, Missile Command, X invaders, Galaxian, KBreakout,
AisleRiot Solitaire, Mahjongg. There was one particular game demo that I managed to get working on Open SUSe Linux 9.3 Professional, a port of the Windows 'Drive/r' game that gave very realistic 3-D performance of a BMW on a race-track - puts current car racing games on Linux to shame (and I don't include SuperTuxKart in that statement!). These days I just occasionally play Mahjongg and Solitaire and I sometimes revisit Battle for Wesnoth. That said most of my game playing these days is on a PS4 Pro. I don't think I will ever get to play any of the Wing Commander Sagas (III through to five and Prophecy) - I have Wing Commander 1 on Amiga and Amiga CD32! Currently I am partial to 2K23 realistic golf game on the PS4 Pro - which has just reminded me of another Linux game, Kolf - a sort of craxy golf game in space!


I'm a gamer and I've been silently monitoring this thread. I just want to say, I'm really enjoying your gaming pictures. I love your kawaii avatar, as well as the kawaii worlds you construct in game.

I'm glad you have your sword of destiny too, don't want to let one of those ugly zombies onto your creations, they are liable to wreck the entire thing.

Feel free to share more kawaii gaming pictures :blush:


Hi, I'm back with a question for you. i was sitting on a forum on dibalo 4, discussing pumping, builds and all that. i'm a newbie and so i asked about it. so i was advised a this boost service in order to pump| my character much faster (i play a mage). and here's a question, has anyone used such services? how profitable is it?

thank you :innocent:

Well, getting nostalgic in KDE Neon! Found a backwards engineered old Windows game, 3-D Space Cadet:

Frogatto & Friends (first came across this platform game in Netrunner 15). Had to drop resolution to make game window bigger:

and found the best Car Racing Game on GNU/Linux ... Speed Dreams!

I have a unhealthy addiction for terminal apps
(Ignore me being very bad)


This is amazing, how? :joystick:

If you mean how to get tetris, just install tint
If you meant how to be this bad at tetris, I guess I am a natural and can't really guide you there.


No, I don't blame you... it tries to mimic vim keybindings and I keep trying to press h for left but it won't move! :joy: Immediate uninstall for me but thanks for showing!

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