What happen to live wallpaper

I used to have a older version of zorin OS it was so easy to use the live wallpaper and I recently bought zorin 16 hoping for to see the live wallpaper to be there working if I knew it was not included with it I would not have bought it I have looked up ways to install this and I never can get one working i've used Terminal to install one and i try Komorebi it SUCKS and it don't work why can you not bring it back?

I did not know older versions of Zorin OS included a Live wallpaper.
@Storm wrote a tutorial here:

That creates a very good live wallpaper experience on Zorin OS. I have used this method and it worked perfectly.


Wouldn't live wallpaper be a bit of a resource hog on mid and lower-end hardware?

Live wallpaper is the equivalent of playing a video on your computer. Unless your computer is 15-years old or more, its not a big deal on resources. I keep forgetting to install the LIVE wallpaper system that Storm did the tutorial on, I need to get right on that.

And yes Aravisian, I can confirm. Zorin OS used to come with a LIVE wallpaper system. Zorin OS 9 came with an awesome starfield LIVE wallpaper that was my absolute favorite back then. Then Zorin OS 12.4 had a LIVE wallpaper that sucked in comparison.

Now LIVE wallpapers are gone in Zorin OS. Don't know why. Just as I don't know why when we pay for PRO, and we expect to get all the APPS, yet, Zorin OS PRO still don't come with all the power user APPS like Stacer, Psensor, Synaptic Package Manager. All those you got to install after installing the OS.

EDIT: I don't know why I bothered. Nothing that is that complicated and had that many steps, ever goes well for me. I logged out and back in, I see nothing but my already set wallpaper. It's too complex. There has got to be an easier way to do live wallpapers then that overly complicated BS

Also, I don't understand you are supposed to select live wallpapers once all this is done either. Nothing about this makes any sense to me. Nobody needs anything that doesn't work anyways so screw it.

Alright, I am looking into this now. I will update the forum if this works for me.

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