What is a nice Font to use for ZorinOS

I don't use the standard font that comes with ZorinOS. I have tried different fonts but for now I am using the font:
Koryaka Free Rounded (available from 1001fonts dot com - for personal use).

Recently I have discovered how to change the font within the gnome-shell css so that change also implies the zorin menu.

So - what font do you use, perhaps you can tell me the use for a nicer font?

I just use the default font, I think its Roberto? One of my favorite fonts back when I used to use MS Word, was Comic Sans, cause I liked how rounded the letters were. Makes me think about maybe trying that on Zorin OS, IDK.


Some of my stranger fonts...
Red Seven
helios regular


the D3Euronism - is this the font used for the name Zorin because the Z and the R looks similar.

Very similar. I have wondered the same - is Zorin Logo a Modified D3Euronism... It's one of my favorite fonts, so I am not complaining.

@Aravisian While we are on a mission to theme my OS over here, maybe you can recommend a good font I can use that is better then the default Zorin OS font? I assume your not drawing from any of the defaults in the list, and probably installed something custom?

I never really thought it was important to change my font as part of my theming adventure, but who knows, maybe changing it would make a huge difference in improvement IDK.

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OK, I looked at all of them, and a couple of them I liked. Oddly, the one that I liked the most, was the one that I could sworn I would have liked the least! lol

I am interested in Red7, I like that one. But its not in the software store. So where is the best place you recommend me to download the Red7 font? And I assume I will put it in USR/Share/FONTS once I get it downloaded, and then of course switch to it with Gnome Tweaks.

Anywhere yuo want.

I use dafontree:

Be sure to get .ttf

But why .ttf, won't the .otf not work?

Well I am lost anyways, I just spent all these minutes looking for the dam .ttf, and all I can find on the page is .otf, so I am lost. Either, I am completely incompetent and and thus its good I left tech support cause its a real PITA, or, it just isn't there at all, and I am not as insane as I feel right now.

.otf works, too. It's just sticking with .ttf is more organized.

When I download OTF, and double click on it, it has a install button, I am assuming if I hit that, it will install the font for me, which would be super nice if it does.

That would be Gnome Font Installer.

Isn't it easier to just download and move them to your .font folder? That way you will know where to find em.

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I keep ~/.fonts, but sometimes you want to ensure font is used System-wide, so must put them in Root: /usr/share/fonts

Oh my freaking goodness, look at this!

Its larger text, so I got to bring the size back down for this font hehe. When I did interface font first, I was like, holy shmokies is huge! HAHA.

OK, not the easiest font to read, but the coolest font, check it out!

yep, I also figured that one. But when applying them with Zorin appearance it won't change system wide. We had a topic about this, the font for the zorinmenu (in Gnome) won't always change. I guess it gets overruled by font mentioned in the gnome-shell css.


I don't use Gnome, so...:wink:

Guys, I am using Gnome obviously with POP OS, so I just used the installer that Aravisian told me it was, it installed the font for me. Then, all I had to do was go into Gnome Tweaks and select it, see my screenshots above. Its easy!

I am honestly more worried about install the font when I get on Zorin LITE. Cause if the installer is for Gnome only and won't work on XFCE, then I really screwed. Cause I don't know how else to download the fonts to install them, then the way I just did from that site.