What is the best version of Zorin OS for my computer?

Hello everybody, How are you?

Last year I used Zorin 15.3 Lite on a computer with 2GB of RAM and a 1.8GHz processor (one core only).

In that year 2021, I bought a computer with 4GB of RAM memory and a 1.6GHz processor (with two cores) 64bits. I recently tested Kubuntu 20.4 KDE on it, and it ran a little faster than the Zorin 16 Core I'm using at the moment. I have some doubts:

  1. Taking into account that I learned that in a few months the Zorin 16 Lite version will arrive. For my current hardware do you recommend Zorin 16 Core or Zorin 15.3 Lite?

  2. Is there a big performance difference between Lite and Core?

  3. In Windows 10, when I suspend the computer, to make it resume the session I just move the mouse or press any key on the keyboard. In Zorin only able to return by pressing the power button, is it only like that in this system?

  4. Does Zorin 15.3 also have the "Nightlight" function?

In the system monitor image, Google Chrome was open with 4 windows, gedit and GIMP.

Thanks in advance.
Good week to all of you. :slight_smile:

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I would still recommend Zorin OS Lite, as the difference is primarily spotted during heavier demand (use) on lower spec hardware.
One thing you can do (and I have already done on mine) is install the XFCE4 desktop on Zorin Core.
Log into that - and run as if you were on Zorin Lite.
This way, you can test how it performs on the machine that you are using, without needing to Reinstall the OS, currently. When Zorin OS Lite is released by the ZorinGroup, you can then install the zorin-os-desktop-lite package if you want the fullest Zorin experience.
It will include the dockbarx installed.


If this machine is 32bit, you cannot upgrade from 15,3.

For that spec, I'd recommand Zolin Lite.
You could run Core but I think GNOME desktop is too heavy for it.


Actually, Zorin 15.3 still has support for 32bit on the Lite Variations of Zorin OS (Education Lite and Zorin OS Lite and Zorin Ultimate Lite). Support for 32bit ended with Zorin OS 16.

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You read my comment wrong :wink:

I said upgrade from not upgrade to.

Just to add, MXLinux and BodhiLinux still support 32 bit CPU in their latest version.

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I did, sorry.


Hi! :slightly_smiling_face:

I sincerely appreciate the advice you all have given me.

I installed the Core version a few days ago, I'll choose to do a clean install for Lite 15.3, I prefer it that way because I'm afraid to make edits and crash the system unintentionally.

I will be returning soon with feedback on this experience.