What is the most compatible USB flashing software for Zorin OS?

As I removed my windows OS replacing with Zorin OS core, I no longer have access to Rufus unless Rufus is available on Zorin OS?

I want to change to Zorin OS lite as I hate natural scrolling (see no option to turn it off and hoping Zorin OS lite xfce would have normal windows scrolling instead of MacBook natural scrolling) also want something lighter.

But without Rufus I can't do this.

Any help is appreciated.

I have posted this a few times before on this forum. The most reliable and easy way I have found to make a bootable USB is to use the Disks program that comes with Zorin. After you have downloaded the OS you want to use, insert the USB stick into your PC. Then open the Disks program and select your USB stick. Then click on the 3 dots at the top of the Disks window. Then select "restore disk image". Then go to your downloaded OS and select it. Then let Disks "restore" the OS to your USB stick. I have used this method many times and it has never failed to give me a good bootable USB stick. Others have reported success with this method also. Just make sure you have chosen your USB stick before you start the "restore" so you don't overwrite your harddrive.

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For me it is Ventoy.


To name some Options that should work:

  • balenaEtcher
  • Popsicle
  • Fedora MediaWriter
  • KDE ISO Image Writer
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I always use Fedora Media Writer. As a distro jumper I use it a lot and to this day it haven't failed me.


And a good Thing is, that it have a Delete Function for the Sticks to delete the created Boot Stick

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Thanks for all the help and advice everyone.

Are multi boot flash sticks a bad idea? Like I've seen some flashing software as advertised being able to put multiple different bootable distros on just 1 flash stick. Or is this a bad idea? I heard Ventoy can do this?

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If you want to try out multiple distros Ventoy is the best way to do that. And no, there are not any problems doing that. I saw where someone suggested BalenaEtcher. But there are several posts on this forum where BalenaEtcher has killed the USB stick. But I have not seen anyone have any problems using any of the the other methods suggested.


So this method creates a bootable flash?

Apologies I just want to make sure I follow. So I download the ISO to my Zorin OS core laptop. (So the ISO is on my laptops SSD) Then insert USB flash for the program you recommended to make a bootable USB flash?

Or is the ISO file on the USB flash (just not a bootable flash) and Zorin OS core boots into it?

Apologies I've very new to creating bootable flash.

How do I get Ventoy? Is it in the Zorin app store?

I don't use Zorin anymore so I am not sure if Synaptic Package Manager is included in the software store or installed by default. But you can use Synaptic to install programs not found in the software store. Maybe someone else who uses Zorin can answer that. If you only want to create a bootable USB stick with one OS on it the method I posted first is the easiest way and you don't need to download anything else.

When you open Synaptic you can type in the search bar for the program you want to download and then follow the directions for installing that program. Basically you just check the box next to the program and then select install and then apply. Synaptic will tell you if other dependencies need to be installed. Synaptic can also be used to remove programs you don't want.

Thanks for your help. Unfortunately Synaptic package manager was unable to find ventoy.

So on Ventoy website to download but have 3 options and don't know what to pick. I'm guessing obviously not the windows zip so stuck between Ventoy 1xxx linux.tar.gz and Ventoy 1xxx livecd.iso or history release.

Here's a link to a page that gives step by step instructions for installing and using Ventoy. Just so you know, Zorin is based on Ubuntu. The instructions are for how to install the tar.gz file.

I hope this helps you.

Don't let the terminal commands scare you. Just copy and paste what you see on the page.

You want to scroll down to the section for creating a live USB.

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Thanks so much. Just had nightmares copying and pasting terminal commands from chat bots.

Please do not trust chatbots into your Terminal:


I did the first step. Got this:

I have a feeling this above might be bad?

But could I then just do it through this file manager?

I'm sorry I'm still lost after those errors.

You have no idea how liberating this is. Always needed help to use Rufus because of its different settings and options which I found complicated as I didn't understand the options at all. To be able to use something so simple means I can finally create bootable USBs at my convenience instead of doing my utmost to avoid it.

Thanks so much again.

I'm glad I was able to help you. Sorry that I have been kind of slow to reply the last couple of days. We have had an out of town guest for the last few days.

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Please do not apologize. I'm not paying you anything for your time or effort helping me.

Though if you have a YouTube channel or video heavily supported with ads I could leave playing in the background while I make tea I'd gladly leave it playing for a bit to tip you?

Since I retired I don't do anything for pay anymore. I do what I can to help others.

But if you don't get dizzy easily here is one of my videos taken from an RC flying wing.

I hope you enjoy it. The wind was really gusty that day and bouncing my wing around a lot.