What is the reason for ZorinOS 16 r2/3/4?

Anyone know why Zorin Bros have put out another release (r2) of Z16?
@AZorin and @zorink : If there has been some announcement, please link to it.

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I didnt download it to check my self, maybe all the new updates and kernel are included ?

Even you downloaded it I think it is not possible to know about all changes unless you install it. Best thing is we wait for the words by Zorin Group.

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If you already have Zorin installed, and it is working perfectly, then there is no need to install R2, for you may already have it in updates, and just not realize it.


A Wise Thought Provided

It is a good advise to the beginners.
But I think what we are discussing here is "What's New" in this R2 release.

Is it core or pro?

Nice to see you back Marko :slight_smile:
It is a Core version but I would imagine the same applies to Pro version as well. I suspect the download link for Pro version should be also updated.


Hello :slight_smile:

I am here always, looking :stuck_out_tongue:

and I thought that new lite version was out, damn

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We have been watched :eyes:

I know.
It it would not come out before the end of this month, I would start a sequel of this thread:

With a title
Its November! No Zorin OS Lite! The Queen is Not Amused


I am waiting for that lite version.
In the meantime I switched to other distros. Experimenting xD

I don't prefer Gnome anymore, don't know why..


Shh :shushing_face:
Aravisian might hear us. Do not let him go on that subject.


I am shh :slight_smile:

I mean, Gnome is ok, with layout changer Zorin make the best from it.
But Xfce, KDE are more customizable and "lighter" xD

But yeah, that is just my preference :slight_smile:


btw we still don't know reason for R2 ? :smiley:

We need to get the answer straight from horse's mouth.

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Hm, it seems that R2 is from 3 days ago.

From today is [Zorin-OS-16-Core-64-bit-r3.iso]

Well, I think Mr. Ed is keeping their mouth shut, so we may not. You'd think that info about this, would have been provided to the MODS, for tech support reasons, prior to the release of R2 being added to the download server.

See, its things like that, which always proves our point, about the Zorins complete lack of communication. As amazing as the Zorin brother's are, this is one thing I can never be on their side with.


Yes. I fully understand your feeling.


I completely agree with this. This is great distro, would be even better if we have more info , if community is more included in this development :slight_smile:


So we need changelog for R2, R3 and pro ( or it is not changed )?


We need to change the title of the thread!
We cannot catch up :frowning: