What is this unknown file in my root/.cache folder, can i delete it? as it is taking quite a bit of disk space

I was having low disk space, so I ran BleachBit (as administrator) so I got to know that my admin:///root/.cache directory was taking a lot of space. So when I checked it I found this file with random name with a size of 40.7 GB.

So, my question is can I remove this file to reclaim the disk space, or it is some important file

and here is its properties

I am new to Zorin/Linux, if more info is needed, please ask.

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Then I checked on your same directory but found nothing so big. I don't even know what it can be used for :thinking:. All I can do is suggesting you to check this :point_right: https://www.reddit.com/r/linuxquestions/comments/x1hyl3/whats_this_big_file_in_rootcache/ but I won't ever tell if deleting it, if I'm not sure of doing something I usually check with very much attention.

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Hey, Thanks for linking the Reddit thread, I ran some commands which was suggested to get more info about the file less File_name returned this

And less file File_name returned this

And less stat File_name returned this

which shows that file was last modified approx 20 days ago.

The thread suggests that it might be leftover of some large file transfer.

I think it should be safe to delete.


If you think it's safe to delete it you can do it, assuming that you read with much attention on the reddit post or any other similar report. If it's a kind of copy of a file that you previously transferred, don't you remember of any file that was so big?

I don't really remember a transfer that big, but I did some transfers around 25~30 GB, so that might be the issue. Anyway, I deleted the files, and I am not seeing any changes in the system, so I think everything is good.

I will update this thread if I found some problem after deleting the file.


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