What is wrong with Linux or Windows (viruses)

New virus trojan on any Linux. Any informacjom?

Bourne, if you are going to tell us about new trojan virus's, you need to provide a link to the source of the article that talks about it. Otherwise, how do we confirm?




People who create malware or virus programs are sad sad people. :pensive:

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Stealing information it some special cost 10 000 euro.

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Secure Boot = Good, right? :wink:

Hello Aravisian. How are you? I always sayed and thinking if i change operative system to the linux then I have more fun and I discovered don't need some games what not working on Linux.

Early on, I patched American McGees Alice to work on Zorin - and it worked Flawlessly.
Sometimes, persistence matters.

Basically, the US government will have to be like the EU government, and actually go after these companies, break up their monopolies, and stop letting these companies walk all over everyone.

Nothing will ever change until that has happened. And companies which also break the law and cause wars in other countries, cough, FACEBOOK, cough, should be completely shutdown all together.

This BS has been going on for far too long in the US and I am tired of it. Its time for the US leader to do the right thing. The EU won't put up with it, why is the US? So, we will see if the US can defy all odds, not be persuaded by political bribes to sway policy, and actually do the right things.


This tools can hacking linux?

Bourne you appear to have gotten carried away with excitement. :neutral_face:

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Yeah fixed that topic.


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I was wondering where you were...Well, at least you are back....being Bourne again.


Hello all. I was little working on trying installation hackintosh but lost many hairs and time to working that. I put new topic about my experience you can join there for disscussion.
I am here reading your post but like usually everyone need some pause good for both sides. Important to be here also showing people Zorin is alive. I saw also old forum and some people here are from 2010 example @swarfendor437
So I am alive like a ghost reading a post but people liking testing new things in linux world distribution example GNOME 42 on Fedora. Don't tested. Just watching a channels about Linux.

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Bourne, again or Bourne-again? Sorry, my mind has too many connotations.
And, sorry @Bourne too.