What is your idle RAM and CPU usage?

I've moved from Zorin Core (modern Gnome) to Zorin lite (xfce which I think is supposed to be much lighter) and can't understand how Zorin lite on my system sits at 900MB RAM on idle which is pretty much the same as Core was on my laptop.

So I'm not sure if something is wrong or this is normal?

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On my Dell Inspiron 3542 I am running MX Linux 23.3 Kde. With both my email client and ungoogled Chromium browser open but me not actually doing anything (idle) my machine shows 1 to 3 % cpu usage. And it shows 2.3 gig of memory being used of my 8 gig memory I have. I also see a cpu temp of 50 C.

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I am running Zorin OS 17.1 Lite R2.
CPU is around 15%
RAM is around 900 MB after heavy customizations like Picom and Plank.

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In Zorin 17, I see some opinions that there is no significant difference in memory consumption between Core and Lite. This is probably due to the increased optimization of Core, which is not strange.

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I guess I now understand why lite support has its end in sight. Core looks much better (just hate it always asking for password when waking up computer. Lite dosent which is why I prefer it as I'm the only one that uses the computer and windows key opens start menu on light, on core it opens I don't know what, wish it could be set to open start menu).

But seems for xfce light is much heavier than other xfce distros?

Wonder if light would be faster and use less resources if it used LXQt instead of Xfce?

You can change this in Zorin Appearance -> Interface -> Left Super Key -> Zorin Menu.


I think you really need to cross examine other factors and research "Performance" before jumping to conclusions:

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My interest in this is there's another old laptop in the hose with just 2GB RAM (somehow windows 7 at idle uses half of that) and wondering if it will run fine or if I should go with something lighter like Lubuntu or even lighter still antiX.

Antix is very light, indeed.
With 2 gigs of RAM, I would expect any newer operating system to show signs of struggling under heavy load, while most should still operate tolerably under light usage.
What you can do is test various Distros or D.E.'s on your machine and see how they perform on it. Or if you prefer to not spend time and resources on doing all that, you can play it safe and opt for a known light distro or desktop environment from the outset.

  • Peppermint OS
  • Lubuntu
  • Linux Lite
  • Asmi
  • MX Linux

are all examples of lightweight distros, in addition to Zorin OS Lite for the time it has remaining. I think that for a machine with 2 gigs, by the time Lite is discontinued, that machine may be on its last legs, anyway.

Antix only needs 256 Mb of RAM to run. I left it behind for 'systemd' leftover political reasons. Antix allows you to install other DE's but when you install KDE Plasma it pulls in a remnant (an isolated part of systemd), elogind, setup by a separate team from Poettinger. PCLinuxOS KDE (and MATE and xfce) has no systemd, and no elogind cluttering the system. i tried to install the xfce version of PCLinuxOS on my good lady's machine but I had issues with printing and there was something else, but I put it down to the fact that the machine is not a dual-processor, just a single AMD Athlon64 from 2006, and surprisingly Q4OS KDE which has systemd, and based on Debian Bookworm runs relatively well. By that I mean you can't have multiple apps running. This is also mainly down to the fact that the GPU is a 512 Mb AGP 8x EVGA card. At least it is not e-waste!

Currently under PCLinuxOS KDE Plasma 5.27 I have Firefox open with two tabs, Audacious running and playing, and Dolphin file manager, System Settings, Spectacle, and Synaptic Package Manager open - currently 1.51-1.54 Gb!

Oh, nearly forgot, Konsole running htop!

I don't normally have this many apps open anyway, I am not a multitasking user - I believe in K.I.S.S. = no systemd! :rofl:

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Very low consumption! Linux is :heart:

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