What screenshotting utility do you use on Zorin?

Personally, I use Flameshot. It works just fine. However I hate that the taskbar overlays on it and makes clicking some buttons impossible. On windows, I used to use ShareX. Which is quite similar to Flameshot...except that it had an uglier UI.

I use the default (gnome-screenshot on core, xfce4-screenshooter on Lite) as they allow a delay in snapping the shot if desired and can capture the pointer, etc.



For screenshot I use default screenshot tool. (Ctrl + printscrn more options on settings (keyboard shortcuts))
Kazam. This one has both screenshot and screen recording. Keyboard shortcuts are also mapped for starting ending and pausing a recrding.

For screen recording I've found the most reliable to be vokoscreenNG when it comes to recording games in full screen and with enough options to get a decent fps and sound.

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