What second distribution?

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One people created that distribution.
Mabox is a one person project.
Very often updated.
They go forward closed project budgies?

Very interesting.

Best 20 Linux Desktop Distros For 2023   - FossDex: #1 Foss Index Zorin is here.

Minix - I reading Intel have a Me technology using that. Not often hearing that and is very pod 1987

Well after update mint to new version it is catastrophy. Linux propably always need to installing fresh new installation.

When coming new version Zorin i will test 100%.
Now I am on mint on real machine but arch testing on vm.
I am also found good guide LFS.
Linux journey learning all life.

Now I have two secondary distros
Manjaro and parrot os

Parrot OS is something like a Kali security and penetration.
Manjaro is arch. I liked arch this is like a lego.

Parrot has two editions home and security
home is for general use and security is for pentesting

Ok and you using home or penetration?

You could always try out ReactOS... it runs Windows programs natively.

Zorin have good review on 7 place like 7 cats life.

Windows is windows and linux is linux. I stop watching linux must to be the same like a windows. I liked watching evolution linux how he go to be better.

Home :grinning:

Interesting not to much hearing about parrot because not popular or he is just very good?

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Very interesting Parrot Debian and pipewire.

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have you tried it ?